Скончался создатель сериалов «Богатые тоже плачут» и «Просто Мария» The king of soap operas Valentin Pimstein was 91. Valentin pimstein died in Mexico. Renowned producer of over 50 years working in Mexico’s biggest “factory of dreams” – Televisa.
Скончался создатель сериалов «Богатые тоже плачут» и «Просто Мария»

In Mexico died Valentin pimstein – man, which in the post-Soviet space is far better known than his name. It is under the authority of Pimstein created such a cult for all women of the former Soviet Union the series as “Simply Maria”, “the Rich also cry” and “wild rose”. Thanks to the producer, the audience saw and loved Actresses such as Lucia Mendez, Veronica Castro, Angelica Aragon, Edith Gonzalez and Victoria Ruffo.

On the causes of death of the Creator of Mexican soap operas with Jewish roots is not reported. The master film was 91 years old, 50 years old of which he gave the work in Mexican “factory of dreams” – Televisa.

With the direct participation of Valentin Pimstein had issued more than 100 television series, which have been translated into dozens of languages and broadcast in many countries of the world.

Скончался создатель сериалов «Богатые тоже плачут» и «Просто Мария»

Valentin pimstein was known as authoritarian leader: he dressed his characters in the same clothes and hard to discourage any attempts of actors to demand increasing fee or just to make a scene on the set. In such situations, the famous producer just changed them on the other in the middle of filming, the audience was offered the new faces of favorite characters.

It Valetina of Pimstein called the godfather of the television series, the genius of telenovelas, the founder of this genre not only in Mexico but throughout the world. Although the producer claimed that he did not invent anything new.

“I borrowed this idea from honoré de Balzac. His multi-page novels with many storylines and characters were ready the series…

…TV in those years, still in its infancy, and its first serial productions I suggested the most popular Mexican radio station XEW. Do you know why they’re called “soap operas”? Because these soap operas advertised soap and other perfumes, the producers acted as sponsors,” said pemstein in an interview.

Valentin pimstein was born in the Chilean capital Santiago, in a large Jewish family, who emigrated from Russia after the 1917 revolution. Love for the melodrama he inherited from his mother, who loved radio shows in the genre of soap operas and Mexican cinema.