Natalya Gvozdikova said about the unusual riders of Soviet actors

Наталья Гвоздикова рассказала о необычных райдерах советских актеров
About how to eat and how to earn the artists during the tour.

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Natalya Gvozdikova said about the difference between touring and performances in the 80 years from the present.

“About any rider we
not heard, of course, — smiles Natalia. — Before we called each other and decided who
takes. For example, one said, “I will go to “Birch”, buy imported liverwurst
sausage and a bottle of good vodka.” “I will stuff up the pike”. My Zharikov and Vladimir
Ivashov often went hunting, and that is why we Svetlichnaya was preparing dumplings and
cutlets venison. And Klara Stepanovna Luchko was often a
remarkable fat: after “the Kuban Cossacks” passed from the Kuban
all the year round. In one compartment the whole company, of course, did not fit, but we went
around the wagon. And one day our Luchko compartment in the wall was a hole,
so through it we passed each other sandwiches. Here’s a we had a rider!
Student atmosphere, everything in common…”

And if now, after a successful tour it is possible to earn if not for the apartment, repair it right, then everything was much different.

“Of course, it was a tangible support
for the family budget, although the money earned is not so great, — says the actress. Betting
was different, dependent on the titles of state awards. I received the first 8
rubles for a concert, and then when I found out that I already have a State
award for the film “Born by revolution”, the bet is increased by one and a half rouble. Not
I will say that, returning from a trip, Zhenya could just buy a fridge
or TV. Like everyone, I had to save. We Zharikov somehow
agreed that all the money from the program “the Russian cinema” will be postponed
to buy furniture in a big room. The amount had accumulated after year.”

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