Наталья Варвина стала идеальной домохозяйкой The former participant “Houses-2” makes preparations for the winter. Natalia Varvina pampers her husband, the General producer of the reality show Alexei Mikhailovsky homemade pickles. The star said that she liked pickled tomatoes homemade.

      One of the most striking ex-participants of the project “Dom-2” Natalia Varvina and five years after leaving telestroke continues to be popular among fans.

      The former star of the reality show is now engrossed in family life and household chores. Trying to be the perfect wife, Natalia loves to pamper her husband, General producer of “House-2” Alexey Mihajlovsky homemade pickles homemade. On the eve of Varvina published in Instagram post, good surprised her fans showing that star is not alien to the concerns of ordinary women. Natalia admitted that personally makes preparations for the winter – tightening tomatoes.

      “Ready for winter! Since childhood I love pickled tomatoes – can eat a whole jar,” wrote the star of “House-2” under the colorful photos depicting the slender ranks of jars of bright red tomatoes.

      Subscribers will admired what he saw and immediately asked Marvinol recipe to prepare it tomatoes for their home. “In a jar: garlic, dill, Basil, horseradish, currant leaves and cherries, parsley and pepper. Stacked tomatoes. Fill with boiling water – for 15 minutes. Pour the boiling water. Further, the brine (1.5 l of water – 2 tbsp salt, 1 tbsp sugar, Bay leaf, cloves, pepper). The second time pour the boiling brine and add vinegar (9%) – (70g on a 3l jar) and roll”, with pleasure opened Natalia its a company secret.

      We will remind that Natalia Varvina for three years happily married with Alexei Mikhailovsky. Lucky ticket: how ex-participants “Houses-2” manages to successfully marry

      Having been on the project “Dom-2” for nearly four years, she has been able to build a family, although met with the most enviable bachelors of the reality show. And, despite the fact that in the framework of the project of Varvina became the “Man of the year”, toured, recorded their songs, and even received a small role in the movie, on the seventh anniversary of the project in 2011, the beauty decided to leave the telestroke.

      However, later it turned out that Natasha did not go home, in the city of Volzhsky, Volgograd oblast, and remained in the capital to build a relationship with the producer “Houses-2” Alexei Mikhailovsky. Not only the lovers are secretly married, but still married in 2013. Celebration on this occasion took place in a posh Moscow restaurant “Turandot”.