В честь Фредди Меркьюри назвали астероид
Freddie would have turned 70 this fall.

Freddie Mercury

In honor of
70-th anniversary of the birth of the British legend of rock music, Freddie mercury
International Astronomical Union decided to honor his memory by renaming it to
after the singer one of the heavenly bodies.

About it
announced a day dedicated to the memory of Freddie mercury, his friend and comrade in the group “Queen” — Brian may. From now on the map
the starry sky appeared the asteroid, which is officially called now 17473 Freddiemercury. “It is the largest object in the asteroid belt, located between
Mars and Jupiter — its length is about 3, 5 kilometers. Unfortunately, he is too small to be seen from earth without the aid of instruments. To see it
you will need a very powerful telescope. Of course, from this distance it seems
just a tiny speck of light, but now it’s a special spot…,” explained may. “Freddie sang once: “I
star flying through the heavens…” Now his words can be understood in the truest
sense of the word!” commented

no wonder the singer was awarded this asteroid because it was discovered in
the year of the death of the singer, who died of AIDS in 1991, at the age of 45 years. In
the certificate of the asteroid is the explanation: “Freddie mercury was an outstanding
British singer and songwriter, lead singer of the legendary rock band “Queen”. His amazing voice
and special manner of singing made him one of the “icons” of rock music and one of
greatest rock singers of all time”.

that Brian may, who had the honor to report that astronomical
the society appropriated the comet the name of his friend, not only a musician, but
scientist and astrophysicist. Brian has already managed to get a doctorate, but after
Mei heard the Queen’s speech, he gave up science and became
a musician…