Наталья Штурм: «Осина уже не спасти» The singer was accustomed frankly to answer even the most controversial issues. Natalia Shturm has shared his thoughts about the reasons for the popularity of her sexy photos, and once again spoke about the fate of Eugene Aspen.
Наталья Штурм: «Осина уже не спасти»

Natalia Shturm and then becomes a heroine news reports: the lover of the artist will publish a candid video with her participation, then the star will delight subscribers Topless photos.

52-year-old actress admits that to whet the interest of the public is an easier way with scandals. “StarHit” discussed with Natalie the most controversial events that happened to her over the past few months, as well as health Eugene Osina, who was she trying to heal from alcoholism.

Natalia, Network, and discuss only that your Nude photos. What is connected with such a craving for sincerity?
Наталья Штурм: «Осина уже не спасти»You know, life and the present dictate the rules. If I’m a singer from the tips of the nails to the hair, but it is not popular to the extent where I would have to live by the rules dictated by the present. So I am sharing sexually explicit photos, but, of course, I like. —
But people don’t always respond positively to your experiments…
Наталья Штурм: «Осина уже не спасти»Yes, the haters often write nasty things. But I want to mention that I’m mentally healthy, adequate. I have noticed that excerpts from videos, recordings of concerts do not collect even half of comments and likes compared to my beautiful pictures, in which I show my body.
Наталья Штурм: «Осина уже не спасти»
Recently you had to pay for the love of nudity. Your ex-boyfriend Dimitri released a very candid video of a personal nature with your participation. How do you react?
Наталья Штурм: «Осина уже не спасти»I’m not married and can afford someone to have some video or photographs. All the people around the world. The story surprised me because it didn’t happen sooner. Apparently, other people were more decent. In the end, I decided to go on vacation, have cleaned your karma from the people, emitting a solid film. There are, unfortunately, too many in the world of show business.

Natalia Assault was accused of sexual harassment

Many people advised you to go to court with the claim about violation of privacy. Going to contact the lawyers?
Наталья Штурм: «Осина уже не спасти»No, I don’t want to give this story to grow. I decided to close this topic so no one said I was a PR on the incident. I have not had a single post on Instagram on this topic. The best way to make people forget about the scandal — not to discuss it.—
You often are involved in the analysis of a variety of scandals in the life of colleagues on stage. For example, repeatedly defended Vadim Kazachenko in conflict with his ex-wife Olga.
Наталья Штурм: «Осина уже не спасти»Olga Kazachenko — a man of unscrupulous and unpleasant. She started a war, and eventually forgot where it came from, how it was developed. Now much has been written about the fact that her being bullied, oppressed, but Olga herself is the source of their own troubles. It annoys me when someone says “Poor Olga”. Olya is not poor, she likes everything that happens. He is the same singer as I do. He is very difficult all this is. Performances, concerts in the atmosphere of today, where people are much more concerned with who impregnated.
Наталья Штурм: «Осина уже не спасти»
Recently Vadim Kazachenko has arrived in edition to “StarHit” and provided us with exclusive footage of Olga is pictured with an unknown man. With him, she allegedly met in parallel during the relationship with Kazachenko. Why do you think the actor does not use this information in the outbreak of the war with his ex-wife?
Наталья Штурм: «Осина уже не спасти»Oh, I’m in this situation is completely on the side of the Kremlin. I know him a thousand years, and waged war is profitable only to Olga. I think he wants to have as soon as possible to deal with the incident and did not disclose all the facts known to him about Olga.
Наталья Штурм: «Осина уже не спасти»
There is another artist that is firmly associated with you. It is, of course about Eugene Aspen, which you were trying to save him from alcohol addiction. Recently, it was reported that Eugene started drinking again and is in terrible condition.
Наталья Штурм: «Осина уже не спасти»I’ve washed my hands of this story, because when I helped him, he poured me a nasty lie. Delirium was such that my eyes almost fell out. I believe that you can’t save him. Everyone who could helped him, but he cannot help. All of them were busy, got in return is just terrible shit. Anyone approaching him would be slander. Just Jack chose this path. He wants to finish his life on earth, and there’s nothing you can do about it.—
About six months ago you had to face another shock. You almost lost a property in Spain. Now the situation with the house was resolved?
Наталья Штурм: «Осина уже не спасти»With Spain there was a very unpleasant story. The local authorities take and re-assign cadastral tax of several thousand euros. They give you 20 days to pay off the debt, but the notice will be settled in another country, months pass. In the end, the Treasury has to pay a huge amount.

Natalia Shturm has suffered from predatory Spanish taxes

The apartment in the end you decided not to sell?
Наталья Штурм: «Осина уже не спасти»No, I left it. Wanted to sell, but then changed his mind. Now advise all the friends from the purchase of real estate abroad. It only sounds beautiful, but in fact, is very expensive. Much easier just to rent an apartment in Spain for a month and rest from the problems.
Наталья Штурм: «Осина уже не спасти»
Recently you published a sexy vacation photos. In the comments all the questions touches on your figure. How do you manage to maintain such phenomenal condition?
Sport! For me to do it — a pleasure. I’m in the room just an incredible amount of time and can be proud of its beauty. But for some reason many mind that I spread myself in all its glory. And would I 20, this one would not touch. We believe that women over 50 can’t be sexy, beautiful, but not with me. I’m proud of them, their body and their achievements.