Солнцев о Калашниковой: «Ты простенькая! Платье из недорогого пододеяльника» The showman spoke about smart gifts for free girl. Rustam Solntsev doubt that Anna Kalashnikova have mysterious fans, which gives her jewellery and buys a car.

Anna Kalashnikov will tell you with pleasure about the fact that it is literally flooded elegant gifts – jewelry, cars and real estate. However, the showman Rustam Solntsev can’t understand who is this mysterious stranger who so generously ex-fiancee of Prokhor Chaliapin expensive gifts. In my column “Mamadorogaya” especially for “StarHit” he shared his reasoning on this matter.

“When you hear or see the news about Anya, my beloved Kalashnikov, where she talks about the untold riches that a man unknown, whom nobody has ever seen, gives the apartment, the car Bentley. The car, however, seen only when the numbers were checked, it turned out that they was another person,” – said Rustam.

Solntsev I wonder what the secret knows the Kalashnikov, which opens the door to a world of luxury and wealth. Moreover, Rustam says she never saw Anne no expensive jewelry.

“You simple dress from inexpensive duvet cover is a classic, a few stone zirconiy. But where all these riches can not understand?” – surprised the showman.

Not long ago, Anna celebrated her birthday. She received many gifts from close friends and also expensive jewelry. A year ago she gave a big diamond ring. However, now she has the addition to this show. “Many did not believe that I really made such a gift. Here’s the ring, please. And birthday I was presented a diamond cross in tone to this wonderful ornament,” – said Anna “StarHit”.

Not so long ago, Kalashnikov decided to make repairs in the apartment. She admitted she would be happy if a fan gave her something practical for the home.