Наталья Подольская показала идиллию в семье Пресняковых
The singer told, how to contact her son Artemy with grandma and grandpa.

Elena Presnyakov and Vladimir Presnyakov-the senior, along with the grandson Artem

Photo: Instagram Natalia Podolsky

Natalia Podolsky has repeatedly described how it is important to communicate with
relatives: her and her husband. The singer is always happy
to see parents Vladimir – Elena and Vladimir Presnyakov — in your house. And when the light
appeared their son Artemy, Presnyakov – senior steel
very welcome, because for her it is very important that the grandson talked
with grandma and grandpa.

“Of course, Lena and Vladimir Petrovich in the Subject
the soul is not chayut. However, grandpa comes to grandson more often. Here recently brought
saxophone and played. The theme is very happy, dancing, — says Natalya. — And as Lena tours a lot, then it rarely turns out to us to get out. And she is very
experiencing because of this. Fortunately, we have a well established relationship, I told her
send photo and video”.

After the holidays, the defeated, where the Theme along with grandma and grandpa cuddling. “Our
favorite woman Lena and grandfather Vova”, signed touching the singer.

The eldest son of Vladimir Presnyakov Nikita is also a welcome and important guest in the house of his father and his family. A younger brother he adores. “Artemi feels that Nikita is his. Right, not counting me, none of the males is given. And to Nikita, and grandfather goes. Even stretches to them”, — says Vladimir.