Wife Grachevsky tried to Rob at the airport

Жену Грачевского пытались обворовать в аэропорту
Ekaterina Belotserkovsky to fight back his possession.

Boris and Catherine Grachevskii

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

An unpleasant incident marred the trip of Boris Grachevsky and his young wife, singer Ekaterina Belotserkovsky, who spent the holidays on the red sea coast in Egypt. At the airport
Sharm El-Sheikh at the departure in Istanbul the local employees not only had too much
safety measures, but also tried to assign a personal item of the spouse of the Creator
“Jumble”. About this told himself Grachevsky.

“Security at the airport beyond all rules! —
shared Boris Yuryevich. — Whether this is happening in the hope of a speedy opening of direct
flights to Moscow, whether an anxious time dictates… We checked three times the
carefully, ten times checked passports and tickets. Made twice
to remove shoes and outerwear”.

“Angry tediousness so, my wife and friends decided
go sit in a cafe. Half an hour later Kate realized with horror that I forgot to
control your expensive leather jacket. She immediately grabbed her passport and
we ran to the control. What
was her surprise when she saw her beloved leather jacket on
controlarse that searched all females! The thing was obviously small,
but it’s not how much it did not bother! Kate was shocked by the audacity of this aunt and
however, shouted: “Give me that jacket!” The phrase was in Russian, but
the aunt understood everything and tried to recapture their prey, shouting in their native language, they say,
it’s my jacket! Katya shouted: “Give me my coat, bitch!” And then something unexpected happened!
Meter maid is nervous suddenly switched to Russian: “I do not!!!!” However, this
she didn’t help at all. Katya began to threaten the view of the cameras and under the powerful
the onslaught of the true owner of this beautiful jacket filthy Egyptian thief
retreated and gave up! Wife went back to the cafe in my blood jacket, chipped with
fighting controversy, triumphantly smiling”.

Now the former troubles of a pair left behind. Now the couple is in Istanbul visiting the sights of the ancient city.