Natalia Podolskaya promised the father-in-law have more grandchildren

Наталья Подольская пообещала свекру нарожать еще внуков The singer touchingly congratulated Vladimir Presnyakov-the senior jubilee. Natalia Podolskaya father affectionately calls her beloved husband and daddy and claims that her family is very proud of them.

      Наталья Подольская пообещала свекру нарожать еще внуков

      On 26 March, a famous musician Vladimir Presnyakov-the senior became seventy years old. The head of the star family on this day accepts congratulations from their loved ones. Very touching message to your loved father-in-law published in the microblog singer Natalia Podolskaya. She confessed the father of his beloved spouse Vladimir Presnyakov-Junior in love and promised him twice while his grandfather, make him happy with new grandchildren. Heartfelt poem dedicated to Vladimir Presnyakov-to the senior of his sister-in-law make it clear that in one of the most famous families in Russia there is love, harmony and understanding.

      “My dear Petrovich, daddy! Congrats on the anniversary! 70 years old! I can’t believe it! They say, in the anniversary, people love to sum up. As I see it. A talented musician, implemented in the profession. Petrovich, excuse for pathos, but not in our country the person that you would not respect! Beloved husband, embarrassed to say what kind of experience! You are a father who is proud of scared son and me. And a happy grandfather two times, and there’s still look. Petrovich, we love you very much. Be healthy! Your Tushenka,” wrote Natalia Podolskaya in the microblog, having published joint with the jubilee photo. The sincerity of the words of the singer delighted her followers, who admitted that more intimate greetings they haven’t read.

      Of course, the fans ‘ attention was attracted by the promise Natalia Podolskaya gave his father-in-law. By the way, the singer and her husband, musician Vladimir Presnyakov Jr., became parents for the first time last summer, once said that dream of happiness in their house was twice.

      As acknowledged by Vladimir Presnyakov, he would like to have with Natalia’s son Artemiy appeared sister. The singer claims that he and his wife will have to work in this direction. It is obvious that she sympathizes with her husband in addition to the family. The star couple have always dreamed that they had a child, and preferably not alone. However, the first-born they had to wait ten long years. Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov believe that Artemije came to them by the will of God. The pair continues to believe in miracles and hopes that soon they will be born daughter.

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