Наталья Подольская сделала признание мужу The singer told him about his great love. Vladimir Presnyakov today celebrates his birthday. Natalia Podolskaya told about that feeling, being close to your spouse.

      Наталья Подольская сделала признание мужу

      Fans of the star couple Natalia Podolsky and Vladimir Presnyakov not tire of watching their family idyll. Indeed, their relationship for over 10 years, no doubt in sincerity. Natalia and Vladimir have got acquainted on shootings of the project “the Great race”, and five years later, the lovers decided to get married. Last year the couple was born a son Artemy. With the arrival of little Natalia and Vladimir have become more tender attitude to each other. Today Presnyakov celebrates his birthday, and Podolski decided to publicly confess his love to her husband.

      “My love! Happy birthday! Be healthy and happy! You are my universe, my home, my rear and just my. Thank you for your son! I am a very happy woman!” – said Natalia.

      Vladimir Presnyakov: “I Now live the son”

      Fans were once again able to enjoy the family idyll, the star of the pair and noted that the relationship of Natalia and Vladimir only sincerity and true love. “You are the best couple! When you see your photo, always smiling, because from them emanates love. I dream about such relations. Blessings to you all!”, “You are so sincere! Happiness to your whole family! And happy birthday!”, “Remarkable and revealing family! Happy birthday! Joyful and bright event!” – joined the congratulations singer subscribers.

      There is talk that his wife Natalie made a gorgeous gift. He always wanted to buy an iPad latest models and the singer has decided to fulfill the dream of her husband. A couple of days Presnyakov will celebrate birthday in a circle of friends.

      I must say that, despite the workload in the work, Natalia copes with the role of mother and loving wife. She tries not to part permanently with his heir. Despite the fact that now they shared the Artemia son not yet a year old, they prefer to take the boy with him on vacation. So, on a winter vacation our whole family went to the Alps, but due to bad weather most of the time they spent on the snowy slopes, skiing and snowboarding, and with the baby near the fireplace. In recognition of Vladimir, it was an incredible stay, because he has gone in next to your loved ones.

      It is remarkable, but the spouses there is no dispute about the upbringing of the heir. Vladimir and Natalie have the same views on how we should take care of the baby. The couple now dream of adding to the family. As acknowledged by Vladimir Presnyakov, he wished that they had a daughter.

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