Лена Ленина учит женщин, на какие подарки «разводить» мужчин
The business woman called the worst gifts of diamonds and cars.

Lena Lenina

Photo: From personal archive

Writer and business woman Lena Lenina, who succeeded his
forces, decided to give a lesson to their fans. Lena shared in his microblog
reflections on the theme of gifts: for example, she believes that a man should
gradually accustom to the fact that he started giving the presents, and you can start with

“Man by nature is not able to give gifts and the woman
have to teach it — said Lena. And if it did his mother, and
most likely, she taught him just the opposite reflex — gifts
to get, sweat on the husband and wife have. And this is one of the best views
investment in educational business. And you can start with stuff like
chocolate, candy and spirits, and when the reflex is already established, then you can go for
what really a dream.

As for the more expensive gifts, there is Lenin
destroys all the stereotypes. Forget the diamonds and expensive cars! The best gift, according to the writer, —
the house, in the worst case — tiny. It is a real estate,
said Lena, provide a comfortable old age.

“But here the question arises the need for education
the woman, that she begged for her husband’s birthday is not bad
investments, and good, and, even better, excellent — reflects socialite. Bad
investments in the workforce are considered, for example, diamond
jewelry. First, because diamonds now in the world of overproduction, and
if farmers all in unison to throw them into the market, they will cost
no more marbles. And secondly, in connection with the subsequent resale in case of need,
you will not be able to sell more than 30 percent of the cost, if at all
you can. Jewelry in these products are not resold, and the stones are appreciated
only weighing more than 3-5 carats.

Another example of a bad investment, and hence
bad birthday present is any Bentley-Maserati-Jaguar. First,
because, leaving the threshold they sold the dealer’s, they lose in price in the same
day 30 percent of the cost, and secondly, you can break it in any, even
easy, crash, and then they can lose their value down to zero. And here
it is, as mechanics say, late to drink a sedative, we should have thought of that
not to worry. Therefore, the best gift, that is, the kind of investment I think
investments in real estate, and if Your husband isn’t enough money or love
to you to present a new large semi-detached house in Cambridge on the New Riga,
persuade him at least one tiny apartment to
to rent it out and not to worry about retirement in old age”.

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