Наталья Подольская скрывает вторую беременность
Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov went to rest. A place to relax became popular this year among Russian celebrities Forte Village Resort in Italy.

Наталья Подольская скрывает вторую беременность

Yesterday Natasha and Vladimir met Kristina Asmus and Garik Kharlamov, who also with my daughter Nastya are there:

“Yesterday, walking up in the morning. Talked on the most serious topics”

– Natalia wrote about the emotions from meeting, putting a crying with laughter smiley.

Наталья Подольская скрывает вторую беременность

See photos and videos of holiday Christina Asmus and Garik Kharlamov in Italy with her daughter (August 2018)…

And this morning Podil’s’kyi published a photo of Breakfast.

Many have noticed that Vladimir is drinking beer, but Natasha was limited to cheese with tomato, and most importantly did a caption to the photo:

“The high. Just the buzz. And I roar.. the notebook”.

In the comments many noted that Podolsky at this time does not publish pictures in a swimsuit, does not drink, and now cries for a blast from the books – all signs of a happy pregnant ladies, especially because Natalia said more than once that they with Vladimir trying to have a second baby.

So maybe it finally worked?