Natalia Podolskaya has bragged of successes of the son

Наталья Подольская похвасталась успехами сына The singer said she learned her ten-month baby. Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov often share in microblog interesting moments of life of their young son. Fans noted that Artemije has already increased significantly.

      Наталья Подольская похвасталась успехами сына

      Popular singer Natalia Podolskaya first time became a mother 10 months ago. Her husband Vladimir Presnyakov she gave a son, named Artem. After the birth of a boy the life of the star couple has completely changed. Parents are thrilled about her baby, but nevertheless, tell fans about the life of their child.

      “Our happiness galopeau 10 months. Crawling, sitting, four teeth and talking “tatatatata”, “dadadadada”. My son, my sweet, Fresh,” – said Podolsk in the microblog.

      Fans of the singer are closely watching the success of her son and rejoice together with Natalia. Subscribers say that the time flies so fast, and the kid is already so markedly increased. “Children are happiness. It’s nice when mom’s with trepidation talk about their kids, more such loving moms”, “Sladun, big guy, happy birthday!”, “Good health is already such a great kid and his parents! I admire You and wish you only happiness,” the fans congratulated Natalya.

      I must say that Podolsky often shares with young mothers some of the secrets of parenting that receives empirically. Not so long ago the singer complained to his fans that Artemy very badly slept at night. She had to Wake up in the night and rocking the baby in the cradle. Natalia has suffered from a lack of sleep, especially as she returned to creative activity, and therefore to combine the care of her son and her career was not easy. But then she found her way out of the situation and appealed for help to the professionals.

      “There is a certain methodology, including personally by the Manager and our with the Subject Advisor of the project, after which, even if the Subject wakes up during the night not in the allotted time for feeding, I don’t immediately rush to feed him, because he’s not hungry! And after a short while, he calms down himself!” – Natalia has shared with other young parents.

      It should be noted that Podolsky and Presnyakov very attached to their child. Despite the fact that now they successfully perform, still a child to them in the first place. Even on vacation they go with the baby for as long as possible to enjoy the time spent with the whole family.

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