Наталья Краско: «Борюсь за брак, а все против меня» The actress spoke about the conflict with the family of Ivan Ivanovich, and also explained what she would get after the death of a spouse. Natalia makes repairs in the apartment of a famous actor and gets rid of junk. The girl claims that from the apartment where they live, they are not expelled.
Наталья Краско: «Борюсь за брак, а все против меня»

Almost two years ago, the wedding took place between Ivan Krasko and Natalia Shevel. Their unusual Union is actively discussed by the public, and Natalia was accused of all mortal sins. Passions subsided, and for some time, the couple even out of sight of the media, but at the end of spring opened up a new scandal – the 86-year-old actor and his new wife are being evicted from the apartment. In an exclusive interview with “StarHit” Natalia told about this conflict, the glory which it had fallen, and that she will go after the death of a spouse.

Natalia, this year about you somehow forgotten: you went to America, vacationed in Venice, got a cat. Life is returning to normal, and then suddenly again, all media are full of headlines about you…
Наталья Краско: «Борюсь за брак, а все против меня»I dream to be soon forgotten, because this “glory” is useless. People who have not achieved fame, still live in a dream world and think that is fine and dandy, because celebrities get a lot of attention, always something going on, money roll in… All this is not so. I didn’t want to make the audience all these domestic squabbles.—
How, then, did it all found out?
Наталья Краско: «Борюсь за брак, а все против меня»Was the correspondent of one media, her name is Natalia, she was on the transfer Korchevnikov. She appeared in our house when I happily slept came to talk housing, discuss some of our problems. We talked a lot with Ivan, and I know what he wants, but that doesn’t mean that we are going to raise the press and say, “Provide us with housing.” It’s all nonsense, I would never go for it, Yes, and Ivan wouldn’t do that.—
If you do not want to bear all of this in the media, why go on a TV program?
Наталья Краско: «Борюсь за брак, а все против меня»My art Director Vyacheslav convinced me that this time everything will be fine, there are no “bases” are expected. So he thought and told me: “do not be afraid, because the fear you have nothing”. After the last broadcast we did not go for a very long time, although we kept calling with offers. In the end, I was persuaded, we went again, although I didn’t fully understand why? To be honest, I don’t want to visit those programs to be in full view of the media, want to get away from it all.
Наталья Краско: «Борюсь за брак, а все против меня»
Let’s be clear: Margarita Vera, daughter-in-law Ivan Ivanovich, you out…
Наталья Краско: «Борюсь за брак, а все против меня»Nobody throws! It’s all a lie and not true. Yes, we have conflict – but it happens to everyone, especially if you live in a common area. She throws. They have family conflicts that were before my time. Let’s start with the fact that the Margarita Declaration does not specify anything in the apartment wasn’t hers, it was the fourth son share, one share of Yulia Ivanovna (daughter of Ivan Ivanovich, who lives in Poland), her daughter Xenia and her grandson Ivan, Jan Andrzej. If a conflict is, it really is obviously not with me – I went there when everything was divided and unsubscribed. Yes, we have a purely domestic problem, for example, want to wash my clothes, and she turns off the machine, constantly trying to discredit me in front of Ivan, who doesn’t protect me, and her side gets up, you act totally indifferent.—
And it does not hurt that her husband does not protect you?
Наталья Краско: «Борюсь за брак, а все против меня»Of course, on the one hand, where it was first hurt. But he said: “If you’re gonna begin to say that I’m not doing anything, then I’ll get my things and leave.” Why should I fight for a marriage when you the whole of Russia covers the “good words”, and in the house starts? When I married, I had my own thoughts, plans, dreams, but life is different… When these adjustments are absolutely not match anything, then I think: why am I doing this, why try to have a strong marriage when half of the Apple begins to rot? Of course, I said, “If you start to rot, I will have you cut off!” But nothing to live on, doing repairs.—
Why do you need to make repairs in the apartment, which is not yours and which you then will not depart?
Наталья Краско: «Борюсь за брак, а все против меня»Margaret has lived there for 19 years, and the repair was not any! I moved two years ago, and I feel bad. We have a house full of books, we, dust collectors, gifts, packages, Alcazaba, which Ivan arranged…—
Наталья Краско: «Борюсь за брак, а все против меня»Yes, Ivan is fond of tinctures and collecting beautiful bottles. All this begins to accumulate, clutter up the whole house, and we started a kitty Clementine, which of the food bowl with his paw gets, it will lie around the house and then eat. I come, I see this whole mess and clean it! And in fact, because you only collect small things, different busts, coins, and so my work is not visible. Somehow I broke down and said, “Ivan, I can’t! I need to paint, to work on poems, to learn the role, you need a place where I can be creative”. Now I want to take him the library to the theatre, everything old is funny… I still Clementine for repairs suggested because over the bed she tore off the paper and I can’t look at it calmly.
Наталья Краско: «Борюсь за брак, а все против меня»
The repair is expensive…
Наталья Краско: «Борюсь за брак, а все против меня»I will save and do what I can. I will help my friend who adopted Ivan. I’m not going to glue a new Wallpaper, only paint the walls, just take out all the trash and update flooring. Still will make the bar where you put all this Alcazaba that he was not on the floor. This is sort of a creative art Studio, chill out area, where you can call friends.—
Why don’t you rent an apartment? Or buy housing in the new building?
Наталья Краско: «Борюсь за брак, а все против меня»This is a question for Ivan. He did nobly, leaving all the children and tries to help them, to raise the kids on their feet. As for construction, he invested in the house, which is located outside the city. He sold land that belonged to Andrew and got a 1.5 million – have left something for the children, and put something in construction. At first, received the money, we had the idea to buy a room and some days I even went with a realtor around town. Almost persuaded Ivan to buy a single room to pass, and then, if that – it would be our housing. But it did not happen.—
And buy in the suburbs? Or in other parts of St. Petersburg?
Наталья Краско: «Борюсь за брак, а все против меня»He does not want. Understand, because we have no car, and constantly dangle in the center too hard. You know how it is active, plus he’s got a lot of work. Yeah me too uncomfortable.—
The apartment he left his former wife and kids, the house, which is now building – the same children, the money raised from the sale of land to her relatives. What will you have left?
Наталья Краско: «Борюсь за брак, а все против меня»I don’t need anything. Why? Don’t want to then he came to me and would start some trouble! Let no one touches me, I want to do my work, art, and other projects. When he’s gone, I have nothing left, I’m going to rent a house, or whatever. I got places to go: many friends ready to shelter me.
Наталья Краско: «Борюсь за брак, а все против меня»
I heard that in Petersburg it is planned a charity concert in support of Ivan Krasko.
Наталья Краско: «Борюсь за брак, а все против меня»Friends Ivan and many actors started such a thing – charity concert in favor of Ivan Ivanovich. I am against this whole idea, although I have many smart people say that you are with the cups at the station stand, and go on stage and show a good and quality concert – so do many artists are now collecting a significant amount for a good cause. On the one hand, I understand that it is a good idea, but on the other hand, we’re absolutely normal people – we don’t get cancer, PAH-PAH-PAH, we have nothing like this. If I had my way, I’d rather the funds transferred to the Fund Knightley sick kids, that’s where we need to send the money! Even though I am against this idea, already mentally prepared for the phrase: “she’s encouraging him”. Or it will look as if the young wife said, “Go and work, I have nowhere to live!”.—
In this situation, creativity remains?
Наталья Краско: «Борюсь за брак, а все против меня»Yes, I work all the time. I’m about to shoot a short film. There is a great idea, but I don’t even know my role in all of this. I’m probably going to read the poems over. Everything is almost ready, but waiting to see the script. In the theater “Travesti” all too well: we had the building on Tchaikovsky 2/7, where we have finished playing the second season. The third will begin in September and we are going to restore some plays, there are many thoughts and new ideas.—
You mentioned that you started to draw. This is your new hobby?
Наталья Краско: «Борюсь за брак, а все против меня»I marvel at how I have it came from. I went to the store and saw a beautiful pencils that I bought. Naturally, I was obliged to start drawing. And then my paintings looked the girl who invited me in the near future to make an exhibition and sale. I’m very embarrassed, I do not see in his work nothing unusual, but she insists and almost talked me into it. And, I will share more joy. July 13, on the shelves of bookstores to a book of my poems, which was published in an edition of 500 copies. I did not expect this, I even could not think that my work will interest someone. It’s all thanks to Ivan Ivanovich, who supports me and gives me the strength to move on.