Наталия Гулькина попала в эпицентр землетрясения на Камчатке Concert of the stars of “Mirage” was held in difficult conditions. Natalia gulkin did not succumb to emotion and continued to sing at the time, as frightened spectators ran from the hall. Fans praised the courage and sense of humor of the artist.

      Yesterday, March 29, in the Pacific ocean, a powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.7. Most of all, the event was felt in the village of Ust-Kamchatsk – there it reached the strength of 5 points. This is the place the concert was held in honor of the closing of the “Beringia-2017”, which was made by Natalia gulkin.

      Some of the guests were so scared by the tremors and vibrations that hastily began to dress and leave the room. However, the celebrity tried not to show excitement – after a little hesitation she came back and continued to speak. Admirers of the singer remained on the ground and appreciated the courage and commitment of the artist. Gulkin has shared his impressions of the event with followers on Instagram, showing a clip from the event. On it Natalia joking, communicating with the public and reassures fans.

      “It’s all coming back? Cheers, all! All over! All continues! Importantly, the flashlight some never fell. There you have to drop something nothing. Well, two balls, think. And we see that hanging out 800 kilos each. Well, if that is you then rescue us, too – we don’t know where to go. You are then all organized themselves and rushed to the exit. I thought the hatcheck girl came and you decided to take a coat! Of course, dancing, coat-hot” entertained fans of the actress, while the event was a technical pause.

      But after the concert, gulkin decided to give vent to emotions and telling your followers what it was like to be on stage during aftershocks. Also the star said that the whole tour was accompanied by difficult situations: bad roads, lack of Internet and other benefits of civilization. But the singer and her team bravely coped with all the tests.

      “The earthquake occurred directly during a concert in Ust-kamcatsk! We are in shock! The audience panicked and ran out of the room! I and my guys were confused and just ran backstage, from above rained down plaster and swung the spotlight. When the tremors subsided, svetolik climbed on top and his hands stopped roccacasale bulb over our heads, but we’re not expecting, and continued the concert! The audience returned to the hall, and we completed our two-hour show! This wasn’t here a long time! We all praised that we didn’t chicken out and not run away, and I even prevented a panic, his jokes,” said gulkin.