Netizens amazed by the cost of the dress Anastasia Kostenko

Пользователи Сети поражены стоимостью платья Анастасии Костенко Anastasia Kostenko in style celebrated the day of birth. The birthday girl gathered his friends and relatives in one of capital restaurants. A holiday favorite arranged for a midfielder “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov.

      Пользователи Сети поражены стоимостью платья Анастасии Костенко

      In the night from 29 to 30 March, “Miss world” Anastasia Kostenko partied in honor of their 23rd anniversary. Belle received gifts and compliments from guests and also gladly sang and danced along with them. The birthday girl on a step did not depart from the second half – the known football player Dmitry Tarasov. The man gave the model a memorable event.

      Users on the Network yesterday began to discuss a luxurious floor-length dress, which the girl chose for a party in his honor. Outfit Golden color with fringe, flowers and a plunging neckline appreciated by many. Anastasia had been preparing for the trip to the restaurant and carefully thought through image. Dress she purchased from abroad brand O Blanc for $ 750. In rubles, this amount is approximately 40 thousand.

      Пользователи Сети поражены стоимостью платья Анастасии Костенко

      Interestingly, for the anniversary celebration of Tarasova “Miss world” chose more modest clothes – tight dark blue dress girls sold in several online stores and is from three to five thousand rubles.

      Kostenko save on a dress for a party Tarasova

      Despite the fact that outfit with open back emphasized a great figure and chiseled form Nasti, followers last time her choice was not appreciated. By the way, the decorations for the party Dmitry model also decided not to spend money – she chose earrings that have several years of putting on the most important events. For example, two years ago Kostenko appeared in their own prestigious beauty contest, and then went and closed the afterparty. Some subscribers suggested that she just did not have enough time to better prepare for the holiday favorite.

      Пользователи Сети поражены стоимостью платья Анастасии Костенко

      But the new image, which she presented at a private event, fans are not just appreciated, but even called Hollywood. Photographers have shot the birthday girl the entire evening. Beauty whirled in the dance, surrounded by girlfriends and sisters who kept yelling “happy birthday!” It is worth noting that the mother of a football player Olga “Miss world” were getting along. Judging by the roller, together they had fun. The woman lit the rest of the guests moved to the beat popularim hits.

      A friend of the athlete Alexander Tarasov gave Anastasia a few songs, which he performed in honor of the holiday. The school was closed for a special service of celebrities and decorated with dozens of balloons and labels. A big cake with fireworks in the middle of the prepared exclusively for Kostenko. The dessert was decorated with edible figurines perfumes, lipsticks, shadows, and logos of the world famous brand Chanel.