Наталья Фриске: «Перестаньте сравнивать меня с моей сестрой!»
The surprise announcement of little sister Jeanne.

Наталья Фриске: «Перестаньте сравнивать меня с моей сестрой!»

Zhanna Friske

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Natalia Friske

Photo: Instagram Natalia Friske

The reason for the hype was ordinary at first glance, the photo with the rest of Natalia
Friske in Bali. The younger sister has always been very similar to the older, but one
of the frames it was an exact copy of Jeanne. Creeps up… Like this photo was
lost somewhere in the archives and only now found it. Although this photo Natalia
was made during her vacation.

Of course, fans of Zhanna Friske immediately intensified.
“You have a copy of Jannacci. I can’t believe she’s gone. All the clips of her looking and listening to a song.
She’s gorgeous. And I can’t talk about her in past time”, “Natasha from
it feels amazing, so You like our Joan”, “I understand that You might
just a little embarrassing to read about the constant comparison with the sister… But You
impossible like! Will not notice just blind! You’re bright, interesting and
beautiful inside and out!”

However, among the complimentary reviews appeared and
critical. 31-year-old Natalia Friske broke down and answered their oppressors. And
although the tone of the appeal was rather ironic, the final phrase a little shocked
her fans. “How many evil people in this world. Only see other people’s shortcomings,
and in his eye can not see the logs. Guys
my advice, live your life, not live someone else’s. If you do not like, unsubscribe from me, you will
not forced to follow me. And
you probably signed up to discuss my life, my thick
the priest and everything like that. Sending you rays of goodness and positive, good luck to you all. And stop me
to compare with my sister! We are two different people!”