49-летняя Селин Дион  полностью разделась для фотосессии
Fans animatedly discussing the figure of the singer.

49-летняя Селин Дион  полностью разделась для фотосессии

Celine Dion


Celine Dion

Photo: Instagram.com

49-year-old Celine Dion shocked
their fans. Usually very modest singer agreed to pose fully
Nude for a photo shoot in Vogue magazine. Moreover, she posted the photo in
microblog, so fans of the singer had the opportunity to discuss the.

Since then, Celine has returned to
the scene after he came to himself after the death of his beloved wife Renee
Angelina, it works continuously. Dion performs on average five to six days to
week. So in order to conduct a photo shoot, editorial, Vogue had to send photographers to Nevada, where
she is currently performing a concert tour.

In principle, which caused so much
noise the Dion, perhaps, cannot be called inappropriate. Because of this frame
Celine posed sitting on a chair cross-legged, with the feet and her hands
so that it did not show anything extra. But Dion alarmed phantom — many
it seemed that she was excessively thin. Indeed, Celine, who was very slim before, after leaving the life Angelila (which happened in January 2016),
more lost weight. So some of the fans of Dion expressed concerns about the
the health of the singer.

However, as Celine
I’m not surprised. Because Dion loved her husband. She fell in love with him
when she was only 18 years old, and lived with him in wedlock 22 years. All 16
years that Renee struggled with cancer, which brought him to
the grave, Celine almost all my free time devoted to the care of the spouse. And
after his death she seemed to have forgotten how to smile. But time, as you know,
treats even the most severe wounds. And now after a year and a half after she
told Angelillo farewell, Dion re-learn to enjoy life…