Наталье Бочкаревой предстоит расставание с молодым возлюбленным Numerologist believes that the actress and her current choice will not be able to live together. According to the woman, Alexander Kononenko is too hot-tempered and compliant, that would be a problem for Botchkareva.

      Наталье Бочкаревой предстоит расставание с молодым возлюбленным

      Not so long ago the star of the show “Happy together” declassified chosen. To present at the Cannes film festival his debut directorial work “Free day”, Natalie went in the company of the presenter of channel TNT Alexander Kononenko. “Alexander came with me to support me. And that to me is very necessary. I was at the Cannes film festival, but as a guest. This time I am a participant, I admit, and it’s a different feeling. The excitement is, because my painting will appreciate,” – said Bochkarev then.

      I experienced two years ago, the divorce Botchkareva two children – 9-year-old John and 8-year-old Maria. “StarHit” decided to find out how to change the life of the actress’s new relationship and what awaits them in the future. Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva shared their observations. According to the expert, Roman actress with a young leading didn’t last long.

      Natalia Bochkareva declassified the elect

      “I’m not sure if Natalia has a future with Alexander. His life code – 2810268 – suggests that they each other did not fit, said Kuzenbaeva. – Alexander’s explosive nature, life with him is not easy. Natasha needed someone more flexible and accommodating. According to calculations, the fate Bochkareva will be another male, meeting with him will take place after the 36th birthday of the star, which she will celebrate this summer. Natalia will come into year sevens, promising her marriage. In 37 years in the life of the actress starts successful period, she can become a mother for the third time”.

      Interestingly, a large success of the profession from Bochkareva is still ahead. According to numerology, Natalya did the right thing that went to Directors.

      “Life code Natalia – 3252810 – suggests that she was born on the day of dekichatta. This means that she was destined to become famous and it belongs to the category of people who don’t need the middle way, explained Clara Kuzenbaeva. Star can not do anything half-heartedly, Natalia is an idealist and perfectionist, honest and straightforward, can not be justified. But at the same time, Bochkareva was gentle and kind man. If she hadn’t become an actress, she’d be a wonderful doctor. She will not have to go from directing and acting is her patrimony, the main successes in his career have Bochkareva is still ahead. In the future actress got a lot of glory, pictures of Natalia love in Russia and abroad”.

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