Кеша показала задницу ненавистникам

The infamous singer Kesha will not allow itself to insult. The haters who mocked her for her weight, the actress wished “to kiss her in a magical imperfect ass.”

Кеша показала задницу ненавистникам
On his page in social network Instagram Kesha has published his photos in a swimsuit. Actually, the swimsuit, as such, is not seen as actually, and the singer. The perspective of the artist allows us to consider only its fifth point.

“I see that you would really like to let me know what you think of me. You think I’m ugly and a slut. Well, it is your right to think so, but I will allow myself to disagree with him. I’m not perfect, but nice enough and certainly not a whore. To chase someone with an eating disorder and blame him for the extra weight – large disgusting. Fortunately, I don’t care about your opinion, and I am full of power to give you back your hateful comments and not let them ruin my self esteem. I appeal to all who criticize my body. Stop! My body is not your concern. In conclusion, you can kiss my ass magical imperfect” — written by Kesha.
Recall that in January 2014, the singer was taken to rehab almost from behind the scenes. The girl’s mother was seriously disturbed – the artist almost died due to exhaustion. This was confirmed by the experts, who said that Kesha could die at any second.
As it turned out, the celebrity has been suffering from problems with food behavior. She was diagnosed with anorexia and bulimia. In these problems the mother Keshi vinyl producer daughter of Dr. Luke, who the singer now accuses of sexual violence. According to the artist, the producer forced their pupils to lose weight, which led to this terrible result. The same claims that weight loss was the choice of Keshi and he to her problems are not involved.

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