Наталья Бардо раскрыла чудовищное отношение к ней бывшего мужа The actress barely survived after escaping from a spouse. Natalia Bardo knew I wasn’t ready to fully devote himself to the family and to have children, and wanted to achieve success in your career. The girl had to endure a difficult divorce that lasted two years.
Наталья Бардо раскрыла чудовищное отношение к ней бывшего мужа

Actress Natalia Bardo is now married to a successful film Director Marius Weisberg. Umetsu they have a son Eric, who is now a year and a half. Not all fans know that the actress was already married. As it turned out, at the age of 19 she got married, but the marriage was unsuccessful. Only now, the artist decided on a candid admission to reporters that she had once experienced.

One day the chosen took her to Thailand to relax. However, already at that time in their relationship having some disagreements with each other. once they had a big fight.

“To be honest, we smashed Villa, killed all designer vases that were there. No, I don’t want to say that her husband beat me up, I fell and hit, so to speak, in the battle process. But the situation was so tense that I actually feared for my life”, – admitted Natalia.

After that the artist decided to escape – at first it was sheltered by friends, and then she decided to return home. However, she did not have enough money for a ticket, but because she had to walk the slums in the hope of finding temporary shelter where she’d spent some time, waiting for help from mom. After this “rest” Natalia made the decision to divorce. However, to quickly dissolve the marriage failed – it took two years.

Наталья Бардо раскрыла чудовищное отношение к ней бывшего мужа“They shared something, although the question was more in principle than in property. At first I wanted a divorce, he didn’t. Then Vice versa: I didn’t mean he wanted to. It was an early marriage, infatuation. We got married when I was 19, and divorced when I was 23,” recalled Bardot.

Interestingly, at 18 years of age, Natalie went looking for love on the popular project “Dom-2”. She left the reality show in the summer of 2008, when she had turned 20. It was rumored that Bardot (which at that time was known under the name Kryvozub) married businessman Sergei Rusakov in January 2010. The man was older lady, but she feel with him as behind a stone wall.

Natalie admitted in an interview with “7 days” that the husband dreamed of the heirs and she wanted to succeed in a career. “I starred in the TV series “Veronica. Lost happiness”, plunged in work, her husband was unhappy. He really wanted children, a family, and I was not ready for this”, – says Natalia.