Ex-fiancee of the son of Mary Shukshina went to the hospital

Экс-избранница сына Марии Шукшиной загремела в больницу Pregnant Freya Zilber came to the clinic due to complications. The former lover of Makar Kasatkina is in the 26th week of pregnancy. Freya is expecting a boy.

The expectant mother, ex-lover 19-year-old Makar Kasatkina, told the Network users that went to the hospital with complications. After the ultrasound the doctors decided to hospitalize Freya. Zilber is now at the 26th week of pregnancy, according to her, she’s expecting a boy. The woman also said that the baby already weighs more than a kilogram.

“And we are suddenly in the hospital. Straight from the ultrasound went, that was it. On ultrasound, all is well, the son of 27.5 weeks, although obstetric term of 26.5. Big boy and already weighs approximately 1.1 kg. because Of the two ultrasound he cheered, pounding in the ribs. Why the hospital? Well, the problem here is mom. Suddenly I have a short cervix, but from what it cut is a mystery. Probably had too much physical activity. Put a pessary (a special device for fixing bodies. – Ed.) lie, rummage… More weight somehow fell nearly 1.5 kg. I Hope everything will be back to normal, and we pass all the bad effects. We are still early, you have until the end of April to sit” – shared Zilber subscribers.

Recall that in September last year, Zilber has contacted law enforcement, stating that the 19-year-old Makar Kasatkin beat her when she was already pregnant. Freya and grandson of the famous writer Vasily Shukshin was in a relationship. According to her, Makar was not only physical, but also hunted selling drugs.

After resonance in the media Freya took part in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. On the transfer silber reported that he met with the son of the famous actress Maria Shukshina in social networks. The young man was actively inviting her to Moscow, they soon began to live together in the capital. According to another ex-sweetheart Kasatkina, first at Freyja and Makar did not have any problems. “They have the first two months all was good. Then Freya went to Barnaul, and from there she announced the pregnancy news. After she arrived they with Makar the conflict began. They had no money, Makar had problems with the work. She began to talk about the fact that he took money from mom, wanted to marry him… When Freya wrote a statement to the police, she was drunk, it is proved”, – said Sabina.

Then silber became the heroine of the program “In reality”, where experts talk show and the audience learned the truth about her past. It turned out that the real name of Freyja Anastasia. And that she already has a daughter, whom she bore at age 14, a girl brings her grandma. Also, the ex-girlfriend of Makar Kasatkina did not deny that she lived at the expense of men.

“I decided to keep the baby, she brings up my mother. I realized that at this stage can’t give her love child. People blame for the fact that the woman lives at the expense of men. I believe that if a man gives money, that’s fine,” said silber in the Studio.

Also Freya is admitted to the program “actually”, that before the second pregnancy had used drugs. Experts of the talk show said that she needed psychiatric help. A young mother came early in adult life, from her difficult relationship with her parents. Became known the dirty details of the past of the chosen son of Maria Shukshina

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