Наталия Андрейченко представила близкого друга
The actress appeared on a stellar track MIFF with a new companion.

Natalia Andreichenko and Gregory Pototsky

Photo: Maxim Lee

Natalya Andreychenko is a rare guest in Moscow social events.
The actress has been living in the West, leads a quiet life and only occasionally pleases
his fans visits to Russia. So
seeing Andreichenko on the red carpet of the opening of the Moscow film festival, was delighted with everything, and guests of the ceremony,
and simple spectators.

Companion of the actress this evening became the sculptor Gregory Pototsky, who
is a close friend and wife. “We have long-standing friendship. I support
such thinkers as Gregory,” says Natalia about it. By the way, the actress Potocki is not only a friend but also the Muse. Natalia had been a model for the sculptor.

Recall that now the wife lives in Mexico. “I am a person of inspiration. Fell in love with
Riviera Maya: in nature, in the energy of local residents. They are very open, kind and
spiritual. As I said, unlike Russian axe in his bosom don’t wear. For
it’s important,” — shared the actress.

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