Раскрыта тайна исчезновения Джонни Деппа
The location of the actor, who for the past week, nowhere to be seen and not heard, inadvertently gave his daughter the stars.

Раскрыта тайна исчезновения Джонни Деппа

Johnny Depp

Photo: Splash News/East news

As it became known, johnny Depp about
a week ago disappeared from the view of foreign reporters after the conclusion of the tour
in Europe, found his personal island where he is hiding from the public. About
this was announced by the publication People.com

During his recent tour through Europe with
the rock band “Hollywood vampires” johnny and didn’t try to hide. It perfectly
spend time: having fun on noisy parties at restaurants and entertain
nice fans… But his behavior has provoked a wave of negative
responses in the press. After all, while johnny toured Europe, his wife amber heard was trying to convince everyone that the husband regularly beat her. And
what Depp was unfolding around him ignored the scandal
did not look very nice. It seemed like he was so sure
in his influence and position in the Hollywood elite, he did not doubt — he
will be able to cope with amber.

However, when it was his turn to give evidence in court
under oath about allegations of domestic violence, he “trembled” and asked
through his lawyer to postpone a hearing on Aug. According to enemies, johnny was afraid of cross-examination. And after completing your tour, Depp hurried
to shelter on an island that is part of the Bahamas
archipelago. Ironically, it was here in February last year, he got engaged to amber heard.

Location Depp was able to install after it departed daughter Lily-rose: she came to the island to visit his father. According to media reports, to visit Depp
collected and son, Jack, along with her mother Vanessa Paradis, which defends the innocence of johnny. How true is it in the statements that Depp would never raise a hand to a woman,
hard to say. As for the flight
Johnny on the island, many saw this move as just a sign of what
the actor has something to hide and something to fear.

an island in the Bahamas

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