Nastya Zadorozhnaya refused a big wedding

Настя Задорожная отказалась от пышной свадьбы
The singer told how not to be the biggest day in her life.

Photo: Instagram

Singer and actress Nastya Zadorozhnaya for over 15 years, never ceases flickering on the TV screen: in films, produces hits and clips on them. But about her private life little is known. A few years star was met with figure skater Sergei Slavnov, but three years ago it became known that the young people broke up. Official statements none of them did, but this was rasskazy their mutual friends. And even the fact that in a personal blog Anastasia calls her the most beloved dog Bobso, speaks volumes.

Fans of no doubt, that beloved man Zadorozhnaya is. Can’t such a beautiful and famous girl to live without male attention! But their relationship has not gone so far as to seal the Union of marriage. However, particularly rude people continue to ask Nastia questions about when she will marry and what he wants to get married.

“People often ask me: “Marriage: Yes or no?” says zadorozhna. — NO! But you look cool!”

The singer hates traditional weddings with dresses in the form of cakes, buyouts, gorgeous cakes and all the associated attributes. This “good” have had on the set of different projects with her participation. There and numerous photographs Zadorozhnaya in wedding dresses. So, apparently, when Zadorozhnaya dare to the wedding or meet a worthy person, it will fly to the Islands, as Nyusha, or to arrange an informal wedding in jeans and white shirts.