Настя Задорожная не может сесть на диету
The singer no opportunity to refuse to eat.

Настя Задорожная не может сесть на диету

Nastya in Georgia

Nastia Zadorozhnaya was very busy early summer.
First, the singer was resting in Georgia, where locals fed her national dishes, to abandon them, was extremely
difficult. After the Caucasian gastronomic Paradise star decided to take myself in hand and go on a diet, but …nothing happened.

“”I want the sea!” mom said, says
Nastya. And I decided that there is nothing more important than this. I’m not a magician, but
the Council has just returned from Greece girlfriend, extra vacation
organized actually the day! Spontaneous vacation the best it can be!
Only 6 days and strength and energy have gained for three! Thank you Greece for what
courtesy of perfect weather, a perfect Bay and the Greek ideal
salad! Thanks guys-animators of the hotel because was not given! And with hope and
creative approach every day begged to play a snoring Zadorozhnaya in
Darts, volleyball and boccia!”

Настя Задорожная не может сесть на диету

Anastasia in Greece

I can only imagine what it would be Zadorozhnaya, if not
active games, because, according to Nasti, the hotel is so tasty food what to give up
from the Greek treats was impossible. “Not giving up,” Nastya and at the end of vacation — on the plane, she allowed herself a double portion of lunch.

Nastya Zadorozhnaya

“Got on the plane, the first thing I said to myself: rested,
has foraged — it’s time to tie with the slicer — shares Nastya. — Not yet
to take off, came the Greek team of flight attendants, as ordered: “You
must be hungry? Today you sit in a happy place, so all
the charm of a flight double. It’s a Greek conspiracy! “I said, and
promised to fly again.”

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