Дочка Тома Круза не видела отца уже 1000 дней
The actor finally scored a little Suri.

Дочка Тома Круза не видела отца уже 1000 дней

announced the publication of “In Touch”, Tom cruise was installed recently
new, obviously not the most flattering record. He crossed the threshold of 1000
days — that’s how much time Tom has not seen his daughter Suri!

divorced mother daughter — Katie Holmes —
in August of 2012. And since then he
seen her a few times, and the last for nearly three years he did not
never met Suri. That often happens in new York, where most of
time live Katie and his daughter, but somehow he never is
time to visit her. He managed to miss three birthday Suri
including “round” date — its decade
in April of this year. Katie, of course, did everything to a girl in this day
too suffered from the absence of his father, but, according to witnesses, your
holiday she looked still not too fun.

surprisingly, Father’s Day, which recently celebrated in America,
was for Suri not so sad as the day of birth. Kathy’s mom spent the day
along with her daughter, his girlfriend and her two children in a café Serafina in Hampton. Visitors of the cafe were seen
had fun running around between the tables children. They looked so happy with that
no one even dared to make a remark to them.

as for the 53-year-old Cruz, who is currently filming in Morocco in the sequel
“The mummy”, he not only did not bother to come to a celebration but not even
called anyway, so Katie said one of her friends. Throughout
likely, it consultants Scientology really forbid him to communicate with her daughter after
as Katie firmly thwarted all contacts with representatives of this religion. However,
some of the friends Tom argues that this prohibition is for him only
excuse. And in fact, the selfish cruise simply no business left to them

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