Настя Каменских рассказала, как борется с целлюлитом

The star decided to share with fans the secrets of beauty in the beauty blog.

Two years ago the fans stars were talking about her weight, Nastia attributing to obesity. Indeed, once slender Kamensky scored 10, maybe 15 extra pounds. But the star proved that patience and hard work websitelink will lead you to… the ideal figure.

Last summer the singer shared with fans a picture in a bikini, what brought fans delight.

To respond immediately to all questions fans Kamensky created a page on the social network where he shared his system of training and nutrition. According to Kamensky, the first thing she got rid of the excessive love for food on a psychological level.

This Kamensky decided not to stay and started a beauty blog which talks beauty secrets. The singer urged fans not to stop on achieved results and be sure to fix the result not only of diets and training, but also special procedures.

“Today, I invited you to your massage. Yes not simple, and cellulite, as they say, but I don’t like to call. We’re just improving blood circulation to our problem areas has become more beautiful”, – shared with fans of the singer.

Nastya said that, despite the pain of the massage, the result is stunning! Next time Kamensky promised to tell you about what kind of hair removal she prefers.

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