Настя Каменских экстремально похудела
The singer showed a slim body.

Nastya Kamensky

Photo: Instagram Nastya Kamensky @kamenskux

Nastya Kamenskih, which for a long time was the girl of appetizing forms, now boasts a chiseled figure. Her body after a long course of weight loss looks
perfect! The result of the efforts of the stars was able to see after the next award, for which she chose a very skimpy outfit. But not finding a good photo in this Luka, She still came up as beneficial to themselves to show the fans. “I decided to post photos from the fitting, —
said the singer, posting a picture. — I have spent two months preparing for the award and
has improved his form. Soon everyone will tell you”.

We will remind, to bring the figure in order Anastasia is still
spring. If earlier, to achieve the result, the singer was exhausted yourself diets,
now focused on proper nutrition and exercise. For the six months
Kamensky lost three sizes, but did not stop. Singer
want to have perfect proportions, chiseled figure with a beautiful press. And achieved impressive results. Singer every morning, prepares food for the whole day,
counting calories and choosing healthy foods. It reduced portions,
gave up meat, except poultry, excluded from the diet
provokes appetite alcohol. “And most importantly — I set clear time techniques
food: 10, 14 and 19 hours. Between them not eat, but if hungry
can eat savoury crackers, a pear, or a banana, but unripe, green — it
less starch,” — said Kamensky.

And under the guidance of a personal trainer Nastya daily sports.
The singer even began participating in marathons, I never did.