VIDEO: Julia Vysotskaya and Andrei Konchalovsky are applying on “Oscar”

ВИДЕО: Юлия Высоцкая и Андрей Кончаловский претендуют на «Оскар»
The movie “Ray” was in the shortlist for the prestigious award.

Official statement of the American Academy: a picture of Andrei Konchalovsky’s “Paradise” is included in the shortlist of nominees for
the award “Oscar” in the category “Best foreign language film”. Still on the list
nine films from Sweden, Germany, Iran, Norway, Poland, Canada, Denmark and
Switzerland. On the eve of the award ceremony, the list of contenders will be reduced to five. The final list
nominees for the award “Oscar” will be announced on 24 January next year. The ceremony
the awards will be held in Los Angeles on February 26.

Chances Konchalovsky at getting into the coveted “final” are regarded
very high. Although known film critic Cyril Razlogov believes picture
focused on a European audience-intellectuals and quite difficult to
understanding of Americans. On the other hand, this year the fate of “Oscar” will
solve and foreign filmmakers, including Alexander Rodnyansky, which
especially attracted to the Academy for making objective decisions.

Julia Vysotskaya and Andrei Konchalovsky

Photo: 7D

Recall that at the last Venice festival
Konchalovsky for this painting was awarded the “Silver lion” for direction. Premiere
of the film took place in September 2016. The main roles in the military drama performed
Konchalovsky’s wife Yulia Vysotskaya, as well as Viktor Sukhorukov, Christian Klauss,
Philip Dyken, Peter Kurt.

The story takes place during the Second world
war. The plot tells the story of three destinies: participating in the French
The resistance of the Russian emigrant Olga (Julia Vysotsky),
a Frenchman, Jules collaborator and SS officer Helmut. All the events of the film take place mainly in a German concentration camp.

Specifically for this role Vysotskaya pastillas bald. And,
agreed the actress on such a radical image change immediately. “Perhaps, if
I was twenty, I would be happier about this idea
admitted Julia. — At that age do to many things are easier. But I
already twice over and another three weeks shied away from his own reflection in
the mirror, not immediately knowing who was in front of me. No matter how you experimented on
a twenty, on your side is always an expression of young fresh faces. But
now, when the accumulated fatigue…”

In the end Julia had to agree with the requirements
husband-Director. After all, the heroine, Vysotskaya is in a concentration camp. And to
to achieve the desired image, on the eve of the final scenes of her completely cut
hair. Exclusive interview with the actress about filming the movie “Paradise” read here>>