Настя Ивлеева: «Никогда не перееду в Гондурас» Host of the popular travel show in the blitz survey openly talked about whether I refused to work and who sees himself in 10 years. Nastya Ivleva used to travel a lot and is not afraid of any difficulties.
Настя Ивлеева: «Никогда не перееду в Гондурас»

FEW people KNOW THAT DURING the filming of “EAGLE AND TAILS”… LEADING HAVE to work 17 hours a day. God forbid that I should complain, I love my profession so much that and 25 ready, this is only the second season flights and transfers for the first time forced to think about staying without the Internet and a phone somewhere in a remote village in the Russian hinterland.

EVERY DAY I will EAT… something unwholesome. Love in the morning to drink a large coffee with caramel syrup and knead sandwich or swallow a hot dog in between filming. But only until 18.00! Girls, the rule is not to take anything by mouth after six in the evening works best. Checked itinerant stomach Russia.

In MY PURSE IS… some kind of receipt. And most interesting is that I never in the end don’t pay it the old fashioned way, with presence, as originally planned.

In THEIR VIDEO would NEVER JOKE ABOUT… people with disabilities.

I FEEL SEXY WHEN I’m WEARING… a red dress in the style of Marilyn Monroe. Like the one where I was in the recent live “Evening Urgant”.

In my CHILDHOOD MY IDOLS were… brad pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. Corny? I agree. And you try to stay so handsome for over 20 years!

I’D LIKE to BE LIKE… herself. People, the most difficult is to maintain individuality. Never copy anyone, instead, emphasize your originality. Tracing to no good arguments!

SURROUNDING are GREATLY MISTAKEN WHEN they THINK THAT… have fun 24 hours a day. I’m a introvert really is. Prefer to spend time with a good book or watching the series at home. However, in recent times has this been two years ago.

In 10 YEARS I SEE MYSELF… the Creator of your own Empire. What it will do? Still a secret! Follow my Instagram and you’ll know first!

TOGETHER WITH her FRIEND IDA GALIC…WE LOVE gatherings with friends to the guitar being played Alan, her husband of IDA, and of course, Vino. But remember that excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages is harmful to your health.

NEVER STOP using profanity BECAUSE… this is the fastest way to explain to a stupid person the seriousness of their requests and statements. In the speech or in the air so I don’t normally do. But if it happens, thank God, there are my followers who will say, when “Tu mAh”.

FOR ANY MONEY I WILL NOT… advertising nonsense! How many different ridiculous offers daily comes in the mail. Know if but still something spins, it works!

The LAST TIME I WAS SCARED, WHEN… jump from a height greater than 150 meters upside down on one of the shots, “eagle and Tails”! It is clear that there is insurance and other stuff, but it’s still a risk I think I agree just for the sake of the profession.

I MIGHT SPOIL the MOOD IF… something went wrong. I’m a man without graphics, use of time fit thoroughly and try to do everything. And I hate being late!

The MOST COMMON COMPLIMENT THAT we HEAR, … “What do you have a figure!” But, girls, do not rush to envy, believe me: on my body to work hard and to work hard. But to me, all happy with yourself. And if it were proposed to change something in their appearance, I would have refused.

WHEN I ride, I… try not to react. But if the outright rudeness, I can be angry. In General, I think that the girl should be able to handle herself, even if her boyfriend – world champion in Taekwondo.

HIDING FROM MY MOM THAT… at work often do not have time to eat. Otherwise it will be very worry.

I don’T LIKE the CAVALIER, WHICH… praises himself. Dudes, pass! Greedy – too!

SO I AGREED to marry a MAN MARRIED, HE NEEDS TO… I have admired, was loyal, a good friend and responsible for his words.

I’ll NEVER cross TO HONDURAS BECAUSE… I love Russia! Patriotic? In this case, I just like when the winter – winters! And Honduras… What we have not seen?

IF I LIVED IN the XVIII CENTURY, THEN… definitely would wear skirts and drinking tea in the garden. Want to make this image in some art film. The Countess Ivlieva… what sounds!

Don’T DYE their HAIR GREEN BECAUSE… satisfied with my color. And the status of the second Lady Gaga, as you’ve realized, not pretend never. Although once, in his student years, after clarification, I was a bit of Milla Jovovich… Well, “the Fifth element”. In General, the image of the Kikimora is not included in the hit parade of my thoughts.