Resident of Comedy Club Globate married

Резидент Comedy Club Глебати женился Showman Andrey Skorokhod said goodbye to bachelor life. On Saturday, the humorist, better known under the pseudonym Globate, married his beloved Eugenia. The couple got married in Belarus, the home of the groom. Young congratulated friends and relatives.
Резидент Comedy Club Глебати женился

One of the brightest members humorous show Comedy Club 30-year-old Andrei Skorokhod married my sweetheart, a woman named Eugenia. The wedding was held at the home of a comedian in Belarus. In elite country complex in Minsk region on the Bank of the reservoir Luchanskogo gathered friends and colleagues of the newlyweds. Judging by the photos and stories in the Network, the holiday turned out cheerful, sincere, emotional.

Young people met in Jurmala on festival “kivin Vociferous” a few years ago thanks to a friend Skorokhod Victoria Ivanova. She congratulated the young touching post.

Резидент Comedy Club Глебати женился“My dear Andrew and Eugene, it’s already 5 am, and I can’t sleep. Today cried 17 times, the excitement was at the level of the entrance exams to the UNIVERSITY. We had such a long way of preparing for the wedding, and we did. So beautiful and enchanting! It is a pity that the day has flown by as one instant. So many things I wanted to say when I gave the word, but of course all was forgotten on the way to the microphone, the benefit of this second cut down the light! But still, again I promise as the best friend of Andrew and already the best friend of Your new family will always be there. You know that nothing is impossible. Yes you will arrive with love!” – wrote a friend of the runner.

Andrey Skorokhod, better known under the pseudonym Globate, was born in the small Belorussian town of Old Road. At school he studied well, but in the breaks, messing around, fighting, causing mischief. In high school he began to play KVN. But the champion in this game Skorokhod became the team of the Smolensk “Triode and diode” in 2012. Later, Walker became one of the brightest Comedy Club, where he works until now.

However, the last time his name often POPs up in the scandalous chronicle. Last year, alter-ego Andrew – Globate – insulted Olga Buzova. The conflict gradually came to naught, and, fortunately, there were no trials. Offended Buzova resident of Comedy Club apologized to her