Nastasya Samburski “walked” on the Fly Helen

Настасья Самбурская «прошлась» по Елене Летучей The actress has presented herself as leading “Revizorro”, which now works on the First channel. Star of TV series “Univer” presented to the fans one day in the life of an expert on cleanliness and food storage nastasi Creeping.

Elena Bats crossed with “Friday!” on the First channel. Now the star will lead the program “flying squad”, which will review social facilities – schools, clinics and kindergartens. The purpose of the Fly was followed by a scandal. Former colleagues of Helen accused her of breach of contract. According to the documents signed by the celebrity, it must give the previous employer 50% of their income.

Nastasya Samburski, which leads on the channel “Friday!” show “General cleaning”, I decided to write a humorous video based on the recent resonant events. In the short video, the actress suddenly becomes a fighter for cleanliness.

“This house needs a new hero. Meet the symbol of purity and justice Nastassja Creeping,” wrote Samburski in Instagram.
Настасья Самбурская «прошлась» по Елене Летучей

Publication Nastasia provoked heated discussions on the Internet. Fans Samburski found the movie very funny. In their opinion, the actress could become the new host of “revizorro”. “Funny”, “Op”, “A Masterpiece. You really cool. Thanks for the mood”, “Charming”, “Class! Very cool”, “Perfect”, “You are very similar”, “Cool”. Singer Gluk’oza joined the discussion video.

“Well what are you funny! Thank you,” – said Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova.

We will add that in the broadcast channel “Friday!” now there is a new program “Revizorro: Medicine”. The program presenter was journalist Oksana Shcherbakova, which will travel to different cities of Russia, checking the institutions that provide medical services. First, clinic visits a patient with a hidden camera, and the next day there visited by the film crew. What happens in the TV show, comment on four expert. In the ending of each issue Scherbakova a verdict of medical institutions.

With regard to the transfer of the “flying squad”, the date of its premiere has not yet been reported. According to some, the audience will see the first issue in early November. “”I am very pleased that now, when my back such as the main channel of the country, I can help people in really difficult situations. I want to tell the viewers that it was no win situation and every problem can and should be solved”, commented Elena Volatile. Presenter is ready to repay the debt to the channel “Friday!”