Настасья Самбурская поставила точку в конфликте с Максимом Фадеевым The actress has made it clear that it does not intend to continue the fight with a famous producer. Nastasya Samburski has published a detailed statement in which he explained his position regarding the scandal erupted. Fans of the actress supported her.

      Настасья Самбурская поставила точку в конфликте с Максимом Фадеевым

      The actress and aspiring singer Nastasya Samburski had a fight with the producer Maxim Fadeev, praised the TV presenter Olga Buzova. The girl spoke about his actions in a negative way. Samburski accused man is that he is trying to take revenge on her because of unsuccessful experience of cooperation. “Come on, Maxim Fadeev, Olga crack up, just because I refused the clip from Seryabkina to withdraw for health reasons… We do not necessary to compare. We work for different audiences. Here’s another reason pomusolit, gossip” – shared the actress.

      Samburski turned to Fadeyev: “You are a rotten person”

      Later, the conflict between Samburski and Fadeev continued. The actress made it clear to the producer that is dissatisfied with the behavior of his assistant. Colleague men called Nastasia “sick *** animals.” This offended the star, so she made unflattering comments about his opponent. Maxim Fadeev didn’t like comments Nastasya Samburski, and he gave her three days to public apologies.

      The answer is the star of the series “Univer” has not kept itself waiting long. Celebrity has published screenshots of their conversations and remembered the clip of the soloist SEREBRO, which refused to act. “Insist that I’m not a PR on light behalf of Maxim Fadeev. The saints PR sin. To think have not thought about it until he invited me to participate in the video of his project. They need a hype on my name that I posted. Agreed. Drobysh said Maxim his friend. He could argue, say, I fall into the “crowd”. Hello, the “party”, I said, sociophobe, misanthrope and a sociopath” – shared the actress.

      Nastassja frankly admitted that he brought himself to exhaustion during pre-production. After that, Samburski decided to refuse further participation in the project and invited the assistant Fadeeva compensate all the costs.

      “I practice on the pole (required for the clip). Almost died in two hours. Before that I had trouble sleeping, and I’m not able to take the training. I needed a lot. In the end I was diagnosed with “nervous exhaustion”… I proposed to reimburse all the costs. They didn’t like it. Apparently, M. A. Fadeev impossible to deny. And I already did re: first time at the first meeting with Irma – she openly enticed me in Fadeev producer center,” said the celebrity.
      Настасья Самбурская поставила точку в конфликте с Максимом Фадеевым

      Further, according to Samburski, associate producer addressed his colleague, who worked for Drobysh. “She wrote to me “shut your mouth,” said the actress, noting that Irma called her “a junkie”.

      “I responded to a public statement of Maxim Fadeev in my direction in comparison with Buzova. Then he declared “fadeevskaya dog” Irma. With direct insults in my address and a Declaration of war. I defended myself and replied Maxim Fadeev. Could not resist, insulted Irma in personal correspondence. I admit it. Maxim, I do not hold you evil. Sorry, that was counting on me, and I’m not calculated their strength. I went to your production center as a migratory rat. That are unable for health reasons to help you their resources in publicising your project”, – said Nastasya.

      At the end of his treatment Samburski made clear that it did not intend to continue communication with Fadeev. “Now I know who to go to bow for the “blessing” kiss in the ring, so as not to fall out of favor. About you, mastodon manipulation. You want to look better than it really is. Come out from behind the screen. Forgive all. That’s all. More from me you will hear nothing,” said the artist.

      Настасья Самбурская поставила точку в конфликте с Максимом Фадеевым
      Настасья Самбурская поставила точку в конфликте с Максимом Фадеевым