Настасья Самбурская: «Меня преследют психически неуравновешенные люди!»
The actress admits that she’s scared.

Nastasya Samburski

Replacing Elena
Volatile in the post host of “Revizorro”, Nastasya Samburski as well as her
predecessor, faced with the manifestation of aggressive behavior of others.
Actress, the hallmark of which is explosive in nature, admitted that
what’s happening now around is a nightmare, even for her, accustomed to give
rebuff anyone.

said that some of her fans have been extremely
aggressive. “They tried me with a brick to break the glass — not just fools some
but really people, mentally unstable. And around the house pursued
left some things on my car. Many strange things happened such.
Honestly, I go and look around periodically. I’m scared,” says

In addition,
Nastasia said that on the set of “Revizorro” it is often necessary
to deal with aggression from employees of hotels and restaurants. Once the shooting
group transfer for several days pursued by car by an unknown man.
Then Samburski plucked up courage, caught the Stalker and demanded that
his explanations.