Настасья Шубская устроила грандиозный девичник Belle invited her friends to a theme party with sheep. Cute animals became the main symbol of the holiday, Anastasia Subsky that almost a year ago became the wife of hockey player Alexander Ovechkin. Soon, the pair will arrange a magnificent celebration to celebrate the creation of family.

The daughter of a famous actress and Director Vera Glagoleva Nastassja Subsky in August last year married her lover, hockey player Alexander Ovechkin. However, then the pair was limited to only going to the registry office having postponed the wedding until this summer. Wife of Alexander Ovechkin responded to messages about pregnancy

Apparently, a magnificent celebration will be held soon. Indeed, on the eve Nastassja Subsky gathered at the bachelorette party her friends and sisters. To party young wife came with a sense of humor, calling it Ovechkin Party. The school, where there were girls, was decorated with figurines of sheep, and the largest figure of this animal was also the putter is an obvious reference to wife Anastasia. Participants of the festival with pleasure were photographed on a background of sheep and share pictures in their microblogs. So you can get an idea about the bachelorette party.

The party was a dress code – all the girls showed up in jeans and white t-shirts Ovechkina Team, and only Anastasia Subsky – bride (groom). The head of the hero of the occasion, as expected, was decorated with a wedding veil.

“Love you our girl, happiness, understanding and harmony,” “Our Princess gets married!”, “Nastya, I love you. I am so happy to be your organizer today to be your girlfriend on the bachelorette party! You are a fantastic bride and an incredible person!” – so signed pictures with a bachelorette party in their microblogs girlfriend Nastasia Subsky.

It seems that before the wedding, Ovechkin and Subsoi a few days left. It details the heroes of the occasion kept secret, but some aspects of preparation for the celebration of Nastasya Subsky still told subscribers microblog. So, the couple took part in the filming of the original video, telling about their first meeting and the novel. Judging by the hashtags, which Nastasia Subsky accompanied the post “Love story” was filmed in Sochi.

Working on a wedding video a whole team of professionals. By the way, and the organization of the celebration Nastassja Subsky and Alexander Ovechkin entrusted to specialists. For the fact that their wedding was held at the highest level, responding Agency Anne young Goroga “Cadberry”. It should be noted that it organized a celebration of Ksenia Borodina, rapper Mota, Rita Dakota, Vitaly Giganskogo and other media personalities.