Наоми Уоттс закрутила роман с 64-летним Лиамом Нисоном

In September last year broke actor couple Naomi watts and Liev Schreiber. Celebrities lived together for 11 years, but decided to part because their relationship no longer bring them pleasure.

The couple has two sons, because as strangers they will not, but now each of them tries to build a relationship with someone else. In the case of Naomi “someone” was a 64-year-old actor Liam Neeson.

For several days, the Internet conducted a heated discussion on the subject of what watts and Neeson having an affair.

A couple share 16-year-old age difference, but close to the actors say that they have a lot in common: they were both without a partner, both raising children, both in the acting profession and both are trying not to publicize the details of his personal life.

At the moment none of the defendants in the news not commented on the situation.

Do you think Liam and Naomi could be a couple?