Black China will seek full custody of daughter

Блэк Чайна будет добиваться полной опеки над дочерью

Not had black chyna and Rob Kardashian break up, as the woman began a new round of scandals. This time we are talking about deprivation of the stars of the reality show “living with the Kardashian” father’s rights. So what did not please the mother of his daughter Rob Kardashian?

“Black will seek full custody. Dream her little child, whom she could not trust father, engaged in self-destruction. China can not always be located together with Rob while he spends time with his daughter, and to leave them alone she’s scared,” said the insider.
Recall that after the separation of the pair Rob continued the lifestyle that led to meetings with black again began to drink alcohol and smoke marijuana. Well as a man can be trusted with a small child at least for an hour?
“China does not believe that Rob would ever give up their damn life. She is not going to fear for the health and life dream, and leave it with an inadequate father. He may not care, but with the child to leave him alone is dangerous. She said that she didn’t trust him, and the child will not give him,” said the insider.
At the same time, China’s confidence fluctuates when it comes to the trial with the mother of Rob.
“She’s afraid to enter into litigation with Chris. Jenner personifies the money and power and black not sure I can compete with failed mother-in-law” — said the insider.