Наоми Кэмпбелл рассказала, что у нее общего с Ким Кардашьян

Last fall, Kim Kardashian experienced a lot of stress: while in Paris, the star of the reality show “Family Kardashian” was attacked by unknown. The attackers broke into the room of Kim, tied her up and took jewelry for a total amount of 11 million dollars.

The criminals were never caught.

But as it turned out, Kardashian is not the only star that had to deal with similar problems in France. The story of how she became the victim of an attack in Paris shared Naomi Campbell.

In the Studio of The Wendy Williams Show, the supermodel admitted that he almost lost his life because of persistent burglars.

The incident occurred not long ago in 2012,”prestupniki followed me from the airport. Suddenly my car blocked the way, the thieves opened the door and shouted: “Naomi Campbell, we’re going to kill you!” I never told about this case, I’m still scared to think about it. I flew from Switzerland to Paris on a private jet to meet with the man I call father, fashion designer Azzedine the Alaya. The flight took only one hour. I didn’t call the guards. When I approached the car, I was very surprised: it was not the driver who usually meets me in Paris. The car Windows were tightly closed. It seemed strange to me. When criminals broke into my car, I was already near the house of his father, who was waiting for me for dinner. They tried to grab my bag, threatening with a weapon. I started screaming, the noise of the guards ran out of Azzedine alaïa (fashion designer) and saved me.”

Says Naomi, she’s just lucky that she survived, because unknown, on what was ready for the cyber criminals for profit.

Campbell also supported the Kardashian, noting that she needed to forget about all the bad and continue to enjoy life.