Бен Аффлек замечен на свидании с таинственной блондинкой

The ten year marriage of Jennifer garner and Ben Affleck is nearing completion. This conclusion was made by the Western media, when they saw the 44-year-old actor in the company of a mysterious stranger. Affleck held the petite blonde all day: at first, they just walked, then visited a bookstore, and at the end of the evening feasted on sushi at one of the restaurants in Los Angeles.

Бен Аффлек замечен на свидании с таинственной блондинкой

Note that the date for this meeting can be called hardly. Ben looked unkempt and seem in choosing the clothes relied more on their own comfort. But Blondie is not far removed from his companion – she’s wearing jeans, a black sweater and sneakers.

It is very difficult to say it was still a pleasure. Affleck did not look happy and gave the impression that he is waiting for all over. The woman opposite smiled paparazzi tried as often as possible to communicate with the actor, then the hand will take him, shoulder pressed against.

Recall that Ben and Jen are still officially married, although announced their breakup almost two years ago.

“It was a real marriage and real relationship, which lasted for more than ten years. Jennifer will forever be like family to me”, says Ben.

The cause of the rupture was the affair of the actor with the babysitter. Garner and Affleck together they have three children — daughters violet, Seraphina and son Samuel.

Previously, Jennifer garner against the Ben’s friends.

Бен Аффлек замечен на свидании с таинственной блондинкой