Наоми Кэмпбелл рассказала о том, что ее жизнь всегда была сложной

Наоми Кэмпбелл рассказала о том, что ее жизнь всегда была сложной

World famous supermodel Naomi Campbell this year marks 49 years. She has more than 30-year-old delights audiences with their professional performances on the catwalk. Her face on the covers of magazines are always recognizable. In October 2019, Naomi graced the glossy WSJ and gave a candid interview about his life.

Supermodel openly stated that he considers himself a “survivor” person. Her interesting but difficult life has never been perfect, and not wanted Naomi to it. She’s one of the first celebrities who admitted publicly that is the drug addict. Campbell every day to thank God for the fact that she was able to overcome not only addiction, but also alcoholism, and the dependency is healthy.

Naomi Campbell was in a serious relationship several times, but the tie knot didn’t dare. Model dreams of serious family relationships that will last a lifetime. Of course, journalists do not get tired to ask about her future children, and she Naomi is always easy and without irritation the answers to this question. She hopes to be able one day to become a mother and bring up a child. Now the celebrity has been active in the maintenance of black models, which, unfortunately, diskriminiert because of the color of their skin. Campbell admitted that her favorite among the younger generation of models Adut ACEC, even calls her his second mother.

Now Naomi is in a relationship with a man, she explains that the fact that remember sad experience of the past. It comfortably one the feeling of loneliness it is not intended.

“To be alone not to be lonely. I have no time for boredom or loneliness. In relationship for me important is the privacy. Always worried that the work would interfere. In this sense, I have my own methods, Robert De Niro taught” — said the model.

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