Наоми Кэмпбелл отдыхает на яхте в Сен-Тропе с иллюзионистом

The media is unfolding a new novel, which was recently backed up by pictures. Famous supermodel Naomi Campbell went to see a yacht in Saint-Tropez, and, it seems, did not expect that her guests will notice the paparazzi. To do so it was not difficult, because now in the midst of the holiday season. Yacht star entertained not one, but in the company of…magician?

Наоми Кэмпбелл отдыхает на яхте в Сен-Тропе с иллюзионистом

The mother of David blaine was a simple teacher and her father was a serviceman, and they did not even know that their son would become a star of the Internet and the streets of America. The popularity of online blaine received due to the funny video, which showed street magic. Great magic tricks blaine will not name, but Internet users were delighted with the humor. In 1997, the name David blaine appeared on the lips of everyone, and will again appear, as street magician noticed together with Campbell on the yacht.

Sources report that between the stars romance. “They know each other many years, but they definitely have the desire. They’re both very charismatic people, to match each other”, — said the source publication Page Six.

Наоми Кэмпбелл отдыхает на яхте в Сен-Тропе с иллюзионистом

Perhaps between the model and the MAG only friendships. This was confirmed by the representative of the top models, saying that this is just a long friendly relations. “David and Naomi are not Dating. They are friends for many years, but no more”, — says the representative. But another source claims that rest on a yacht to result in a romance, and such a close personality just can’t be together.

Surprisingly, but recently in the network there were rumors about the pregnancy of the model, however, is not from blaine. 35-year-old rapper Skepta, which was attributed to Campbell as the guy posted in his profile of instagram a photograph with ultrasound, which shows the unborn baby. And then it all began to guess who may be the mother, as he Skepta not published the name of the pregnant woman. The model quickly denied the rumors, and a recent photo of the yacht is not noticeable that her belly began to round up.

Previously, the model made the confession – she dreams of becoming a mother. “I think about it constantly. And now, when there is such a science will be able to do it (become a mom), when I want.”

However, to clarify whether Campbell will give birth to itself, use the services of a surrogate mother or adopt the child, she said.
At the moment, the model is focused on the search for the father for my future baby because she believes that it is imperative that the child had both parents.