Надежда Михалкова удивила резкой сменой имиджа
The actress became a brunette.

Hope Mikhalkov

Photo: @Instagram nadiamixalkova Hope Mikhalkova

Hope Mikhalkov many years of not making big changes in your image. During his career, the actress has never hesitated to radically change your hairstyle or hair color. Perhaps that is why a new photo in the microblog Mikhalkov produced a stunning effect on its subscribers.

Hope recently pictured himself with an extravagant hairstyle in the style of the heroine of French film “Amelie”. She appears as a brunette with a short haircut. With the new image Mikhalkov became almost unrecognizable. But fans have reacted to the changes very positively.

“Quite different, but very good, just unearthly”, “Expressive, but impossible to know!”, “Impressive!”, “Anastasia Vertinskaya is like!”, “Joan of arc? Amélie? Alien beauty” wrote Hope.

However, change in the appearance Mikhalkova, most likely, are still temporary. Probably, Hope tried on the wig to create the image of new heroine of the picture, which will be removed. However, no details about the new project has not yet been disclosed. By the way, in secular circles are still there are persistent rumors that Hope has broken up with her husband Rezo Gigineishvili. Last month she ignored the premiere of the film “Hostage” at the Berlin festival Berlinale. Not only that, the husband Mikhalkov acted as the Director of the film, and she herself was directly involved in the work on the drama. She played in the film one of the main roles. But for the premiere of Hope came, as well as not go with her husband in the light for six months.