У Анджелины Джоли пытаются отобрать старшего сына
Maddox showed up a Cambodian father.

Angelina Jolie and Maddox

Photo: Instagram.com

Around one of the children
Angelina Jolie inflames new scandal. This time the focus was
not the male, and again 15-year-old Maddox. However, now we are not talking about how
it was last fall, whether he is to be beaten by brad pitt or
not, and whether its adoption is legitimate. The fact that showed up
person — a Cambodian Mounh Sarath, who claims that by law, it is
he, not pitt is the father of Maddox. To
also, the assurances of Mr. Sarata, he didn’t let Jolie’s permit
the adoption of the boy. The story outlined a reporter of the online edition of The Sun.

Sarath, 51-year-old worker
social services, says that at the time he filed the documents about the
the adoption of Maddox and received all the documents, in accordance with which he became
foster father of the boy. However, from a shelter he could in his personal circumstances
to pick up immediately. And when he was going to take Maddox to his home with amazement
learned that he was adopted by Hollywood star Angelina Jolie! Says
Mr. Sarath, he decided that he cannot defeat such an influential celebrity and
chose to retire.

However, when
year Angelina arrived with children in Cambodia, he decided to take this
situation and to enter in contact with her. What happened next, Cambodian
refused to disclose. However, he said that was severely disappointed in angelina not
would like to see her again. “However, I would like to remind once again
Jolie, that I am the legal father of Maddox, and her so-called adoption was
violation of the law!” said Sarat.

By the way,
the legality in making the adoption of Maddox from the beginning called
questions. Start with the fact that the whole procedure was carried out through
agent Lauryn Galindo, the activity of which was soon recognized as a criminal. Loreen
caught in repeated falsification of documents – birth certificates, withholding
the names of the mothers of adopted children, the distortion of the dates of birth of young Cambodians
become adopted children of foreigners … For the illegal acts Galindo
sat in jail. But Jolie somehow miraculously managed to defend Maddox.