Nadezhda Babkina will celebrate the anniversary on stage

Надежда Бабкина отметит юбилей на сцене

This year the ensemble “Russian song” headed by the singer, turns 40.

The singer has admitted that her team is not a job, and family. Therefore, the date of the circular, Babkina will celebrate magnificently, 7 and 8 December in the theatre “Russian song” will take place two concerts of “Golden hits”.

“There are people who go to work, meet his quota and go home. They have weekends, vacations, holidays, they can fly away somewhere. And I don’t have that. Fall free day – and thank God.

The ensemble “Russian song” the same age as my son, Daniel, in January he was 41 years old, and the team now anniversary – 40 years. It is a living organism, you’re like a child worn. He is also in need of affection, love, and sometimes in severity. The tenth generation of artists release as Chicks from the nest. So when you ask: “What is more important – family or theater?” – can’t answer. Home for me is a powerful back, but also a musical group, too, my children. Take away one, and all I – no, just die, take away the other will be the same”, – says the singer.

The preparation of the anniversary Babkina came up thoroughly. To work on the anniversary program invited to one of the most demanded Directors in the entertainment industry and cinema Alexey Golubev, he raised the number of the singer Polina Gagarina at the “Eurovision-2015”. Together with the artist Alexei Golubev Usynovim will help the audience to feel the integrity and beauty of traditional Russian culture, its relationship with us – contemporaries of the twenty-first century.

“Folk songs for centuries, passed down from generation to generation, and today we must save this thread. How rapidly and radically changed the world remains unchanged, that all people truly valuable. We will support this relationship and with the help of folk music, talk about what shapes our worldview, those primordial truths that make us what we are,” says the Director of the action Alexey Golubev.

The concert will feature the most popular songs from the repertoire of the ensemble, most of which are imported from numerous expeditions in the Russian regions.