Мой крестный сын стал взрослым Of course, I knew my godson, Martin Kirkorov, celebrates its first anniversary. Five years is not a joke!
Мой крестный сын стал взрослым

Came here for a gift in the most magical toy store. There was a huge red cat of real Fox fur, that to break away from him, I could not. But Martin is a fan of cars! Therefore, another addition to his collection of typewriters looked favorably. And also approved the appearance in the festival for the suburban country club as a picnic, a large robot. Ani Lorak, Anastasia Stotskaya and Marina Yudashkina gifts the birthday boy liked it, too. So the anniversary of the day my godson was a great success. A few hours before the celebration Philip has published on Instagram a touching congratulation brother of Alla-Victoria. The girl learned a very special poem where were these words: “I like You more than a brother, you’re more than a friend, I have the closest friends. I’ll tell you, I will share with you, I’m never afraid of anyone!” Congratulations, Martin! You’re a big boy, and I’m not afraid of anyone.