Andrey Malakhov has ferreted out the secrets of the President in Oliver stone

Андрей Малахов выведал секреты президента у Оливера Стоуна Anchorman intrigued his fans with a video posted on Instagram. In it Andrey Malakhov interviews Oliver stone, who openly talks about his communication with President of Russia Vladimir Putin.
Андрей Малахов выведал секреты президента у Оливера Стоуна

Andrey Malakhov went to Paris specifically to speak to Director Oliver stone about his latest documentary. We will remind, the American producer released a sensational picture of Vladimir Putin, which revealed many secrets of the President.

Malakhov asked stone about the details of communication with Vladimir Putin, as well as on the experiences of Director from dialogue with the President. However, to put the complete interview in the television host did not, in fact, it will be part of one of the editions of “Let them talk”.

Андрей Малахов выведал секреты президента у Оливера Стоуна

A sensational meeting occurred at one of the hotels in Paris, and lasted for several hours. Malakhov has assured its subscribers that the Director specially for him opened a few details on the tape “Interview with Putin”.

“He organized this show,” says Oliver stone interview with the President of the Russian Federation Malakhov.

We will remind, the documentary about Vladimir Putin, was released in June 2017, and has caused an incredible stir. The famous Director managed to learn some details of his personal life of a politician. So, the President of the Russian Federation said that it was the grandfather.

“You know, my children, in spite of all the rumors, I live here in Moscow. And grandchildren I have. My daughter doing science, education, stay out of the politics. As for the grandchildren, who already goes to kindergarten. I don’t want to grow up “princes of blood”, I want normal people grew up,- admitted Vladimir Putin. I say age, name, how they will be identified. I feel good, I ask to understand me correctly. The second grandson was born recently”.

Judging by the turnout, which caused a short video of the “Instagram” Andrei Malakhov, an interview with Oliver stone promises to be controversial and sensational. To see him would be very soon after the release of “Let them talk”, dedicated to the communication of the presenter with the Director, is already preparing for the airwaves.