“My fair nanny”: how to look like the stars of the popular series after 14 years

«Моя прекрасная няня»: как выглядят звезды популярного сериала спустя 14 лет
Sitcom about the love story of a rich and famous producer and the nanny of his children became one of the main Russian telehit mid-2000s.

«Моя прекрасная няня»: как выглядят звезды популярного сериала спустя 14 лет

Comedy television series “My fair nanny” tells the love story of a music producer Maxim Shatalin and nanny
his children Victoria Prutkovsky, became the second project of the film company
“AMEDIA” (jointly with Sony Pictures) and was released a year after their first creation — the past with resounding success historical
telenovela “Bednaya Nastya” (2003).

“My fair nanny” is a domestic adaptation of the popular in
90s series “nurse” (“Nanny”), who lived on the American TV screens six years. As in “Poor Nastya”, on the script for
domestic version worked for Russian and American
writers. Premiere of the first season of a TV movie that combines
elements of sitcom and melodrama,
on 27 September 2004 and produced a bombshell.

could not break away from the screen, watching the development of relations of the former
shop girls wedding clothes, hired a nanny to three children for the intelligent, the rich,
the famous and attractive to the producer, whom she eventually married. All in all, it was filmed seven seasons of the television series, and the final, 173rd series was
shown February 6, 2009.

«Моя прекрасная няня»: как выглядят звезды популярного сериала спустя 14 лет

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and Sergei Zhigunov on the set of the TV series “My fair nanny”

Photo: Yury Feklistov

The main roles are played telekhit Sergey Zhigunov and Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, which
thanks to the work in the sitcom gained a national popularity, was
“favorite nurse” and was awarded the prestigious television award “TEFI” (2005).

By the way, the famous “middy” was approved in the project
immediately, but the casting for the role of the protagonist was very difficult and long. Vic
Prutkovsky wanted to play superstar Natasha Koroleva, Nonna Grishaeva, Zhanna Friske, Amaliya Mordvinova, Olga Shelest, etc.

However, after a year of auditions, the creators have eliminated all the “star” candidates, approving the project of the then little-known actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. Around a dozen famous rivals and
to convince the producers that the role of the nurse should go to her, 32-year-old
the actress managed thanks to a small trick.

Anastasia knew that the scenario of babysitter originally from
Mariupol, and then says with a colorful southern accent. And, going on auditions, she remembered her
friend, the actress Olga Block-Mirimskaya, brilliantly paradisevalley one
Simferopol waitress, who told clients: “Mina truncated e — PLANO,
and RIS”.

Without thinking, Zavorotnyuk “issued” Directors and producers a few
favourite phrases from the “repertoire” waitress. After listening to Nastia’s performance,
the crew perished from laughter, and resourceful actress has been approved for the role that became her “finest hour”.

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and Sergei Zhigunov on the set of the TV series “My fair nanny”

Photo: Yury Feklistov

“I love her character! — told Anastasia. She is very kind,
sincere and so dear to me that I even “forbade” her to swear!
You see, in my scenario, the Wiki was the expression of the category of “damn”. But I
convinced the Director that such a clean person just can’t do anything like that
to say. And harsh words.”

By the way, in 2006, the performers of the main roles as
their on-screen heroes, began a whirlwind romance that changed literally everything in life actors. For Zavorotnyuk
Sergey even divorced his wife Vera Novikova, however, to repeat the success of its
hero Maxim Shatalin, who “banded” the “most favorite babysitter of the country,”
Zhigunov couldn’t. Anastasia has left him for another and to the disappointment of
fans, wedding idols did not take place.

In addition to the stellar tandem Zhigunov car crash in the super successful sitcom
also played: Boris Smolkin (Konstantin Semenov, the Butler in the house
Shatalina), Olga Prokofiev (Jeanne
Izhevsk, financial Director), Lyubov Polishchuk (Love Prutkovskaya mother Wiki
the actress passed away in 2006), Alexander Filippenko (Mr Prutkovsky,
the father of the Wiki), Catherine Dubakina (Maria Shatalina), Pavel Serdyukov (Denis Shatalin),
Irina Andreeva (Xenia Shatalina), Alexander Nazarov (Nadezhda,
grandma Vicky), Olesya Zheleznyak (Galina Kopylova, former classmate of the Wiki),
Gulnara Nijinsky (Faith, friend Vicki), etc.

Since the premiere of the television series “My fair nanny” passed
more than 13 years. Here are the actors loved by millions of sitcom