Премия МУЗ-ТВ: Глюк'оZа пришла в одном лифчике

The singer once again shocked fans in a Frank manner. The star did not confine himself to a provocative beach with bows, which she puts up on Instagram and appeared on MUZ-TV negligee.

Gluk’oza decided to support the fashion trend of the Western celebrities. The star appeared on the red carpet at the “naked” costume.

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Outfit Glyuk’ozy can be called the most provocative in her entire career! The set consisted of a translucent bodily bra and pants free cut with a high waist. The toilet was made of fine translucent mesh and create the impression that the star arrived on the red carpet completely Nude.

Gluk’oza complements the image of a massive Golden necklace and put your hair up in a high pony tail.

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