Материнство Собчак: первая фотосессия ее сына, няня и танцы в караоке до утра Relatives told how having a baby changed the star. According to the grandmother of Plato, Lyudmila Narusova, Ksenia reads a lot of literature about the development of children. Friends the TV presenter said that after the birth of an heir, she became more active and more fun.

      Материнство Собчак: первая фотосессия ее сына, няня и танцы в караоке до утра

      Last week, the 35-year-old TV presenter and her husband Maxim Vitorgan noted two months from the date of birth of the first son of Plato. The boy was born on November 18, in a prestigious suburban hospital “Lapino”. Relatives and friends of the star couple said “StarHit”, who looks like a baby, as his appearance has changed the lives of Sobchak, who helps her to care for the child.

      Grandma joy

      Shortly before the birth of her son Sobchak and Vitorgan moved to a large country mansion in the suburban village “Gorki-8”. Fresh air, nature, protected area – it has everything to the heir of the famous couple feel comfortable. Part of the burden of raising little Plato undertook and Ksenia’s mother – Lyudmila Narusova, she now lives with her daughter and son-in-law.

      “Every month we celebrate the birthday of the grandson, for us it is always a big celebration,”– says the “StarHit” Lyudmila Borisovna. – Last week too, the whole family gathered, sat. I’m mainly talking about giving the toy for two months I bought him an educational hearing care, vision rattles. Of course, all of the child indulge, load with presents. Boy we are not naughty, pretty quiet, all the screaming – just in case”.
      Материнство Собчак: первая фотосессия ее сына, няня и танцы в караоке до утра

      Happy grandmother also noted that she copes with raising a first-born.

      “She is great, continues Narusova.– Of course, I give her a lot of advice, but do not teach, not impose their opinions. Daughter reads a huge amount of literature on how to develop baby, how to care for it. Now a lot of innovative techniques, large smart books. I’m happy with all help: walk with her grandson, rocking him swaddled. Besides me, there is also a nanny – she comes every day, and as needed. We very carefully picked her up”.

      A month later, with the appearance of the baby born Sobchak gave to Plato his first photo shoot – to capture the little one for the family archive. The presenter has entrusted the son to one of the best Moscow photographers newborn – Esther Gelman. Photography it costs about 50 thousand rubles.

      Among its star clients – Elena Perminova, Galina Yudashkin, Anastasia Vinokur, Tata Bondarchuk and many others. Typically Esther spends shooting on the 14th day after the birth of a baby, when the baby still sleeps a lot. And for the most capricious, the prudent photographer is preparing three suitcases soothing gadgets and “outfits” from cashmere blankets. In the end the parents get a commemorative card, and a beautifully designed book.

      His father

      Материнство Собчак: первая фотосессия ее сына, няня и танцы в караоке до утра

      According to business lady Snezhana Georgieva, Xenia in a new role feeling confident and comfortable.

      “She became more active, more fun, – shares with “StarHit” the three bears. – Of course, like all young moms, She a bit not getting enough sleep, but that’s okay, everyone goes through it. We see each other quite often, as before, in various fashion events. She even showed me pictures of her son. I immediately noticed that Plato, of course, am my father’s son – very similar to Maxim facial features. I told her about it, she smiled and agreed. Of course, little will change with time. All, of course, is literally flooded Xenia gifts, clothing for newborn, but I handed her things more important and expensive that will be useful to mom and baby in the future.”

      Baby “chocolate”: what is known about the luxurious life of the son of Sobchak and Vitorgan

      The whole environment of TV presenter, editor-in-chief of one of the magazines said that becoming a mother has changed for the better.

      “Susie, little change of the manner of communication with employees, – has shared with “StarHit” the chief-the editor of a fashion glossy Eduard Dorozhkin. – She’s never raised her colleagues on the voice, and after the birth of the baby became even softer. Always tries to answer the question, and if you need help – happy to provide. Actually, I thought that Xenia after delivery will be early to leave work. However, there is no. She spends a lot of time at the office. We have a moment like “the working hour” – planning session, where we solve complex questions by number. Xenia offers a huge number of creative ideas and projects. Little incentive for more and better work”.
      Материнство Собчак: первая фотосессия ее сына, няня и танцы в караоке до утра

      Another friend of the stars, owner of elite boutiques Aysel Trudel, noted that in recent years they Ksenia see each other less – that devotes a lot of time newborn.

      “If she wanted to do everything during the day, was calmer now, calmer life. However, Xenia has kept your mind sharp. Loves to share with friends the news about his son,” said “StarHit” colleague Sobchak, journalist and writer Mikhail Zygar.

      However, to completely abandon social events and parties, the presenter did not. Together with her husband she visits kinopremii ry, fashion shows, lectures in different cities on how to achieve success, and, of course, sometimes allows himself to have fun with friends. Recently for 24 hours Sobchak managed to visit three events – congratulations happy birthday friend Polina Yumashev, spend Old New year in the Central house of writers, and to light afterwards with friends to karaoke “La MUZon”.

      Материнство Собчак: первая фотосессия ее сына, няня и танцы в караоке до утра

      “We are with Ksenia a long time know each other – shared with “StarHit” one of the partygoers actor Sergei Rost. – She came to me, hugged me, said he was very glad to see. Also we often meet in Spiridonova mansion in St. Petersburg at events where she helps children with autism. This evening, we have moved karaoke to a narrow group of friends from another event, had fun until the morning. Kseniya sang a duet with another song “Leningrad”. Especially comical in her performance looked com position “Moscow, for whom ringing your bell?”, where is the line “no One survived – all burned, all Pussy, Putin and Sobchak”. This time she sang with a particularly funny tone, all the way roared with laughter. Maxim Vitorgan also turned out to be fine solo. He even sang a song in the Ukrainian language of the famous band “Okean Elzy”, which for me personally was very surprised.”

      Young parents find the time not only for work and entertainment, but also to keep yourself in good shape. Xenia often found on the track near Lascinski the track and in the pool as well a fitness center World Class Zhukovka. Maxim not far behind the couple – he is in the Studio PRO Trener – thanks to the training he is planning to lose weight and thereby radically change its role in the field of cinema.

      Ksenia Sobchak has caused controversy Frank the swimsuit

      The little Prince

      Материнство Собчак: первая фотосессия ее сына, няня и танцы в караоке до утра

      Ksenia and Maxim try to give the best two-month son since childhood. Parents load with presents the kid with the best-quality things.

      “Even before Platoche they made repairs in the nursery in the house– said, “StarHit” a friend of the couple, Vladislav.– The furniture was chosen together. The family Council decided that the kid’s bedroom will be bright and pastel colours. Chose for a boy wooden lockers and dressing room white in color with cartoon pictures. Xenia filled the room with plush toys. For example, in Plato there is a developmental Mat “Island singing monkey” and a talking duck. To walk the baby two strollers: one for the warm season, the other winter. When the boy had first birthday – one month, the parents gave him jewelry bracelet Louis Vuitton”.

      Friends also spoil the heir to the famous couple.

      “Of course, Ksenia and Maxim no surprise, but make them generous gifts, continues Vladislav. For example, model Natalia Vodianova gave him a surprise. Through friends gave Ksenya the box, there were greetings and gift brands Baby Dior. Natalia is waiting for a meeting with Ksenia, they are family friends. Despite the fact that Plato still small, he was presented with gifts for the future. For example, he already has a big toy fire truck on the remote control and a well – known clothing brands, “Daniel”, “Christoph Laimer”.

      In addition, now the pair is finishing a repair in the Moscow apartment on the Garden ring, where there’s room for their little heir. At the moment there are the final preparations child of Plato.

      Ksenia Sobchak started a repair for the sake of the baby